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Game day beer picks: Syracuse vs. Florida State

What are you drinking? And mostly, what am I drinking for this one?

Drinking Beer With Fishbowl Competition In Hangzhou Photo by VCG

A late afternoon win over an FCS opponent was just what the doctor ordered for Syracuse Orange fans last weekend. SU torched the Wagner Seahawks, 62-17, and fans got the prime drinking time they so richly deserved while also enjoying a blowout win.

This Saturday’s matchup won’t be so simple. Syracuse hosts the Florida State Seminoles at noon ET at the Carrier Dome. It’s not that you can’t drink beforehand, per se. It’s just less than ideal. Even more so out here in TNIAAM HQ.

No matter when (or if) you’re imbibing before, during or after this game against the ‘Noles, see below for beer picks that are worth your while. You probably won’t be able to acquire at least one of these. Sorry in advance.

Florida State Beer Pick: Lake Tribe Brewing Co. Old Chief

This week’s opponent beer pick comes to you from Jeff. You can follow him on Twitter at @SaintWarrick — he’s a fun account during FSU’s games and all other ACC football contests as well. He also drinks great beer and tweets about that, too.

“It’s a double-IPA, and boy will we need them this season. Lots of pine and resin instead of being citrusy. Not too boozy, but like FSU’s defense, it’ll actually start to hit you in the second half.”

Syracuse Area Beer Pick: Eastwood Brewing Co. Oatmeal Stout

Eastwood’s most popular beer is the C-4 IPA, which we discussed last season. So this time around, we give some love to one of their darker beers — of which, they have quite a few. The Oatmeal Stout is smooth with some complex notes that come from each sip. It’s not too sweet or bitter — just nicely balanced. Swing into their brewery too, which is right between the East Syracuse and Eastwood areas.

Los Angeles Area Beer Pick: Highland Park Brewery Griffith J. Griffith

Sure, it’s rarely appropriate weather for an imperial stout in L.A., but you’ll still find some excellent ones including this offering from Highland Park. Griffith J. Griffith is made with Ethiopian coffee (from local spot Trystero) and takes on some rich berry, smoke, chocolate and dark roast flavors. There’s a pleasant bitterness and lightness to drinking it, despite the high gravity (12.5% ABV). Still, among my favorite dark beers in the area and a strong pour is good to get you through whatever defensive struggles may befall the Orange.