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TNIAAM was hilariously wrong about Syracuse’s 2015 recruiting class

With the 2015 class heading into senior year, we look back at how laughably wrong we were about most of those players.

NCAA Football: Boston College at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Back in 2015, the Syracuse Orange football program signed what appeared to be a strong class. Scott Shafer was going into year three, the Orange had just finished up a disappointing 3-9 season and we needed some results to show everything was headed in the right direction.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t, as Syracuse headed to a 4-8 finish and Shafer was canned. Also unfortunate: the TNIAAM staff wasn’t nearly as good at evaluating recruits as we thought back then.

With those 2015 players now heading into their senior (or redshirt junior, in some cases) years, we figured why not get a good laugh out of just how miserable these predictions ended up being.

Laugh at us below, and just blame Shafer for the whole ordeal, like I’m doing...

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Five years from now, the Class of 2015 offensive recruit we’re going to miss most will be...

Now there’s still time, but as a group, we went with Dontae Strickland. That could still end up correct, mind you, since the starting running back could impact the passing game quite a bit. Though yours truly decided that instead of saying Eric Dungey, Trey Dunkelberger was the better choice. Moderate start for the collective thinking. Poor start for myself.

Five years from now, the Class of 2015 defensive recruit we’re going to miss most will be...

Jake Pickard was the consensus pick, and he’s currently dealing with an injury that keeps him out until at least the early part of November. Pickard’s also the only name tossed around that is even on the roster anymore: Steven Clark, Qadir Sheppard, Amir Ealey and Marquise Blair (never got here) are all elsewhere now.

The 2015 recruit flying under the radar who’s going to blow away expectations will be...

This was the first one that really had a lot of names to choose from. Former TNIAAM football recruiting editor Ben said Evan Adams, and that could very well end up being correct. Dan and I said Shy Cullen, which... we’ll see. Sean and Brandon went with players no longer on the roster, in Anthony Giudice and Kenny Carter.

Middle Tennessee v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Of the three/four-star recruits, which one is most likely to fizzle out early?

We stopped asking this question, because it’s a “meh” topic of discussion. However, I’m the biggest idiot of all, for doubting Sterling Hofrichter for even five seconds here. Brandon was second-most wrong after opting for Christopher Fredrick. Sean and Dan were actually “right” by picking players no longer on the roster: Tyler Cross and Brandon Ginnetti.

The Class of 2015 recruit whose Twitterfeed you’re dreading following for the next four years...

I stuck to my guns, and still don’t follow recruits or current players. But the other picks are Clark and more cringe-worthy selections in Sheppard and Ealey. Moving on...

The Class of 2015 recruit who will have the biggest immediate impact this September is...

Sean wins by default, since he picked Strickland (218 total yards, three touchdowns in 2015). The answer was obviously Dungey, but no one picked him. Blair, Pickard and Dunkelberger made up the rest of the selections.

Syracuse’s starting quarterback in 2017 is…

If you’ll recall Alin Eduouard was still on the radar at the time, so most went that way. However, Sean and I actually managed to be a bit prophetic when selecting Dungey

JC: Eric Dungey. Sorry, A,J. Long. But Dungey looks like ol’ Johnny Football out there, and I’m too excited about it to entertain any other ideas. Ever.

SK: Eric Dungey. He just has the look of a guy who will take command of the offense and be the kind of QB we need. My hope is that a lot of West Coast schools are gonna be kicking themselves for letting him slide.

Though side notes: Sean, Dungey never slides. And to past me, you’ll regret being too excited about that devil-may-care attitude toward his body...


Looking back, it’s easy to see that Dungey was the safe pick and we all just should’ve picked him for the positive things. Defensively, Fredrick, Cullen and Kielan Whitner are the only 2015 recruits left on the roster, so... I’m going to say we couldn’t avoid being wildly incorrect there.

If you’d like to go back and laugh further at our rationalizations for picks (or your own terrible opinions) in the comments, feel free to do so as well.