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The 5 Eric Dungey gifs you’ll be using this Syracuse football season

Your favorite quarterback returns for one last ride as the football team’s greatest meme.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We finally got to previewing Eric Dungey today, which means the 2018 Syracuse Orange football season is getting extremely close.

Obviously we’re excited to see Dungey on the field — hopefully for at least 12 games. But we’re also similarly excited about the gifts he provides off the field, in the form of memes.

So whether we’re talking touchdowns, or chest kicks or other feats of strength, here are the XX Dungey gifs you’ll be employing gratuitously over the coming months:

1. Grape soda

It was fate. On the same day Dungey and Syracuse upset Clemson, we also learned about now-legendary “Stats” video. There were so many gif-able moments from that excellent find, but the QB dousing himself in grape soda tops them all (and likely always will).

2. Flying chest kick

This isn’t how hurdles work, but it was an effective way to guarantee a first down nonetheless. Just a week after beating Clemson, Dungey almost led a furious comeback against a top-10 Miami team as well. This flying kick is probably Eric’s play style in a nutshell.

3. Virginia hurdle

This one seems so quaint in retrospect. Dungey nabs the lead for Syracuse with a late hurdle to get over the goal line. This is less about the raw power of the Miami kick, and more speaks to pure athleticism.

4. Birth of a legend

The moment where we knew Dungey was the real deal, back in 2015. Thankfully, this gif isn’t about getting hit and more about making a great deep read and throw.

5. “This is what you get”

If you’re going to pick off Dungey, you’ll potentially pay the price — from the quarterback himself. When he’s not stripping Miami defenders of the ball, he’s getting close to starting sideline brawls against BC.


Have your own favorite Dungey gifs? Share them in the comments below.