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How many hashtags can Western Michigan football use? A lot, apparently

This is a story of how you get addicted to #BRAND.

NCAA Football: Toledo at Western Michigan Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

As Syracuse Orange fans, we’re far from experts on when #BRAND goes right. But we certainly know when #BRAND goes wrong. Or at least when it is overkill.

So might be the case with our Friday evening opponent, the Western Michigan Broncos.

You’ll recall that when P.J. Fleck was in charge, #RowTheBoat was a thing — a thing he took with him to Minnesota (and evolved into #RowTheGoph?) because he’d actually registered the slogan to himself. Smart business man, that Fleck...

So now, to avoid ever losing a hashtag again, it seems Western Michigan is just going to use all of them, all of the time.

A look below at what they’ve already trotted out this week:


You’re horses, so this makes sense.


Don’t think anyone was trying to take Kalamazoo or the Broncos from you guys. So you’re good. Obligatory #LetsRide thrown in for good measure, of course.


Are you guys knights now? Or kings? Or dictators? Not sure where this one links back to the overall theme.


Is anyone else using this hashtag but (on occasion) WMU and horse birthday enthusiasts? Also, while we’re here: Happy birthday, Wyatt.

#TrenchWar #TrainWreck

I’m not even sure what’s going on anymore...



And this is just a collection of hashtags from the last week...

That also doesn’t include the MAC’s own call to action (#MACtion?). As you may have heard over the summer, the MAC is now bringing a pirate flag to all games between MAC teams and Power Five opponents. Of course, that flag comes with its own hashtag (#FlyTheFlag). As well as this lunatic video, which dropped today.

For the love of God, let’s just win tomorrow night so this flag nonsense and business pirates don’t become part of the lasting narrative of this season.