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What shows would you run on a Syracuse-only streaming network?

This will never happen, but we entertain the idea anyway...

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On Thursday, Andy brought up an interesting conversation around how the Syracuse Orange would be positioned in a new, digitally-focused content model.

The idea would be that Newhouse’s capabilities would provide us with an easy way to produce Syracuse-centric content and potentially own our own network if need be — and do so better than most others could, too.

Naturally, that got us thinking about original programming options for such a streaming network. Obviously games would be a part of it, but not the only draw. And you want to avoid the Longhorn Network’s lack of anything all that engaging, too.

We’ve discussed this topic before, and the headliner is Jim Boeheim-led food and travel show — one that Dan’s aptly dubbed “Diners, Drive-Ins & ‘Heims.”

There’s plenty more where that came from, though. You’re a creative bunch. So when we put out the call for other show ideas, Twitter and the comment section brought plenty of them. The TNIAAM staff also has a few of their own. We run down the best picks below:

Syracuse v Virginia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

“44 for 44”

This one was my brainchild. Let 44 of the best writer/producer/directors from Syracuse tell the 44 most important stories about the school/athletic department. Keep it to 44 minutes, just to keep with the theme and allow it to make sense. This one’s actually feasible now, even without the network.

Here’s why Don McPherson deserves the 1987 Heisman Trophy, with Sean Keeley

If you follow Sean on Twitter, it’s likely you’ve seen him tweet about righting one of college football’s great wrongs. He does so nearly every day. So why not give him a platform to do so to a wider audience?

Mookie on Mookie

Self-explanatory. Mookie Jones talks about Mookie Jones for an indeterminate amount of time.

The Bachelor,” but for former Syracuse athletes

“The Bachelor” is a disaster of a franchise for terrible people. But having one with former Orange stars like Riley Dixon and The Ridiculously Good-Looking Charley Loeb as the main attractions? That’s a winning formula you can actually root for.

“Can We Talk About Scheduling For A Minute?” with John Cassillo

Credit here to g-roc for this misleading title (we all know a minute is far from enough time to get that conversation rolling in earnest). You already subscribe to this show as it is, unwittingly.

Jim Boeheim’s life story - name TBD

This could easily fall under “44 for 44,” but it’s worth its own series. As MartinDB pointed out, it’s probably worth multiple seasons to tell everyone watching about how Jim went from a walk-on to the face of the program.

The Louie & Bouie Show

Obviously. H/T Ex-Townie

File this under fun idea but may create more problems

Would we run out of questions? Does that matter?

Can we also add GERG to this list?

This seems like a winner.

There are certainly a lot more programs we can come up with, but I’ll leave those honors to you. Share your ideas below.