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Eric Dungey sheds new light on supposedly being injury prone

In that he wants you to know he’s not, and also wants you (and all of us) to stop talking about it.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As mentioned yesterday, the inside look at how Eric Dungey came to be the Syracuse Orange quarterback we know and (cautiously) love was part of a series. published part two on Friday, and in it, the senior QB basically wants everyone to stop talking about supposedly being injury prone.

More than that, though, he also sheds light on the previous issues that led to such a characterization. He talks about the fact that he was apparently ready to go in 2016 according to an outside neurologist, but wasn’t allowed to suit up. Dungey also talks about the moment when he (finally) slid last year against Florida State, and proceeded to break his foot.

There’s not much detail added on 2015, after a vicious personal foul by CMU’s Mitch Stanitzek knocked him out with a concussion, or the Louisville hit that followed later in the season, though they’re noted. Neither he nor his family will disclose if it was a concussion either time he’s had any concussions since CMU (note: our previous version indicated no concussions at all, which is not what the article indicated) . However, Dungey does make it clear he’s not that concerned with long-term effects of football — but he is aware of what they are.

An interesting read all-around, and quality reporting from Nate Mink. Guess we’re just gonna have to take Eric’s word for it on any concerns on his health we may have. Here’s to hoping we see him for at least 12 games this season...

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Dungey and his family refuse to disclose if he’s had any concussions since taking a brutal hit vs. Central Michigan his freshman year. They push back on the program’s decision to keep him out for the final three games of that season and the next one, when he went on an unreported trip to Rochester in 2016 to see a neurologist.

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Eric Dungey is a senior in 2018 and we hope he can make it through a full season. He’s started fewer than 10 games in each of his first three seasons with the Orange. Dungey is one of those guys you want to stash on your roster in Yahoo’s College Fantasy Football game. When he’s healthy he puts up strong numbers in coach Dino Babers’ offense.

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Dungey may be all that is needed, if he can stay healthy. Consider his stats from a year ago in only nine games: 2,495 passing yards and 14 touchdowns with nine interceptions and a 59.7 percent completion rate; a team-leading 595 rushing yards and nine more touchdowns. Factor in sacks and that jumps to 764 yards on 118 rushes, an average of 6.47 yards per carry.

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