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Get to Know Your Orange Man: #5, WR Devin C. Butler

We’re still using the ‘C’ when there’s only one Devin Butler on the team again? Cool.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Devin C. Butler

Position: Wide receiver

Year: Junior

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 194

Hometown: District Heights, Md.

High School: Frederick Douglass

2017 stats: Butler started nine games for the Syracuse Orange, and played in another three. He caught 33 passes for 327 yards and a touchdown. He was also 4-of-6 passing for 54 yards and a score, plus he picked up another 12 yards on the ground.

2018 projections: Butler was a jack-of-all-trades last year, but may have a more defined role as the team’s top outside receiver this year. If he can avoid drops (an issue at points last year), there’s a real chance for him to pile up some big numbers and help resuscitate the downfield passing game.

How’d he get here?: After committing to local school Maryland, he realized he’d rather go to Syracuse, so he flipped to the Orange.

What’d recruiting sites say?: They gave him three stars as an athlete (he played QB in high school as well).

Money quote: Butler’s responded well to being one of the veterans in this receivers group.

“It’s time to get serious being an upperclassman. Many look at me in the receiver room so I’ve got to set the example.”

Twitterfeed: @jxmmaaa

Tweets of wonder: Saw this one in person myself — impressive throw by the receiver.

What movie would Dino recommend for him?: Gerard Butler has an extensive filmography, including “300.” Syracuse may feel like Leonidas did when going up against Clemson’s defensive front this year.

Interesting nugget o’interest: Devin M. Butler and Devin C. Butler had been crossing paths plenty before they shared the Syracuse locker room last year. Apparently Google was very persistent about confusing the two when they were both in high school.

Let’s get a good look at ya: This is more a look at Butler talking than playing, but you can see him doing the latter above.