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Notre Dame Shamrock Series uniforms a far worse copy of Syracuse-Yankees #BRAND

Can’t beat Greg Robinson in South Bend? Then copy that team in the rematch in Yankee Stadium?

Via ND Football

The Syracuse Orange and Notre Dame Fighting Irish will play in Yankee Stadium this November in Notre Dame’s Shamrock Series, instead of just playing in South Bend. To commemorate the #BRAND-tastic NYC weekend, ND decided to drop new New York Yankees-inspired jerseys for the game.

1) Gross.

2) One can’t help but notice that the video and logo look kind of familiar to the 50,000+ NYC ‘Cuse alumni, family and fans.

Video shot on subway so you know it’s NYC? Check. Getting off said subway at Yankee stadium? Check! Primary logo put inside Monument Park circle? Triple check.

These jerseys are hideous and awful, which is funny because as they unintentionally tried to be cool, the Irish ended up with a poor attempt to copy what ‘Cuse has already done, because NYC was annexed looooooooong before they even tried to host a “home game” in Yankee Stadium.

That said, at least many Yankees fans already own this travesty of a jersey, I’m sure.