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Syracuse Football players and their WWE counterparts

When SummerSlam and ACC football collide

WWE SummerSlam 2015 Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images

It’s SummerSlam week so what better time to take a look at Syracuse Orange players and which WWE superstars they are most like. I certainly recognize that most of you aren’t willing to admit to watching wrestling, so I’ll explain the comparisons, link you to the WWE page for each wrestler and answer any questions in the comments.

Eric Dungey: Shinsuke Nakamura

Anyone who follows the WWE knows this was the easiest matchup to make. Dungey absolutely earns the title of “King of QB Strong Style” as we know he wants to initiate contact whenever possible. Like Nakamura, he prefers to finish his opponents with the Kinshasa (#KneetoFace).

Dontae Strickland: Roman Reigns

Each year fans clamor for someone else. Reigns is viewed as someone being pushed down the fans’ throats while all he does is show up and do his job. He’s always been around for whatever the company wants and Dontae has been a similar figure for the Orange. Strickland might not be the flashiest, but he’s trusted to make the right choice with protection calls and has proven he can be an asset to the offense.

Chris Slayton: Braun Stroman

Stroman’s earned the moniker “Monster among Men” because of the destruction he’s caused in and out of the ring and Slayton has the opportunity to do the same on the field this Fall. Each of these guys have demonstrated ridiculous feats of strength as you can see below

Slayton’s combination of size and athleticism means opposing offensive players are going to “catch these hands” in 2018.

Koda Martin:Bray Wyatt

Both are long haired, burly dudes, but my Syracuse sources haven’t confirmed that Martin walks around Manley carrying a lantern with two mask-wearing giants following him like Wyatt did in the past. Koda Martin “Followed the Babers” to Syracuse for his final season. Wyatt, the son of Syracuse legend Mike Rotunda, uses his unorthodox physicality in the ring and Orange fans up Koda unleashes his on ACC defensive lineman this year.

Antwan Cordy : Seth Rollins

In a world of athletic freaks, Rollins might be the most athletic which is pretty similar to where Cordy stands among the Orange. Both guys might be too small for the amount of physical beatings they put their bodies through but they won’t change their styles....and yes I hope we’ll be saying Antwan Freakin’ Cordy a lot this year as he burns down opposing offensive gameplans.

Moe Neal: Finn Balor

Smaller and quicker than most of the people they compete against, Neal and Balor use speed and technical excellence to get the better of their opponents. Their frames meant they were overlooked, but given the spotlight they can surprise you with their talent.

Ravian Pierce: Samoa Joe

Joe toiled for years before getting his big break in WWE while Pierce went the Juco route before arriving in the 315. When you watch Joe in the ring, you see that he brings an alarming combination of power and speed that opponents find tough to counter. We all think Pierce can do the same for the Syracuse offense as he might be too big for defensive backs and too fast for linebackers. These guys are on the verge of a major opportunity over the next few months and could become much bigger stars than they are now.

McKinley Williams: Kevin Owens

Proving that you can’t judge a book by its cover, these two guys don’t look like they can do something athletic that makes your jaw drop. However I present to you these two examples

You wouldn’t want to be standing in a way of either of these guys barreling down on you would you?

Kielan Whitner: AJ Styles

Wrestling fans never dreamed that Styles would be at the top of the WWE while a lot of Orange fans never thought Whitner who arrived as a DB would evolve into a starting linebacker. Both guys look pretty clean cut, but don’t expect them to take it easy on their opponents.

This one goes here because I want the Dome to respond like this after every Hof successful kick

Chris Frederick, Scoop Bradshaw and Evan Foster: The New Day

Awwwwww Syracuse don’t you dare be sour. Clap your hands for a returning defensive backfield...and feel the power (of experience). Look we all hope it’s a New Day for the DB’s this year so let’s invoke the Power of Positivity.

Alright we’re almost at 800 words, so I’ll tag in everyone else for their own comparisons in the comments. Still a lot of good ones out there so to quote former champ (and future President) The Rock....”Just Bring It”