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Get to Know Your Orange Man: #39, LB Jake Wright

A local walk-on joins the Orange for 2018.

Virginia Tech v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Name: Jake Wright

Position: Linebacker

Year: Freshman

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 195

Hometown: Jamesville, N.Y

High School: Jamesville-DeWitt

2017 Stats: N/A

2018 Projections: As a freshman and a walk-on, I’d expect a whole lot of redshirting. But what do I know...

How Did He Get Here?: Probably drove down Jamesville Road, jumping on 274 until he got to East Colvin, taking him straight to Manley. Maybe he lives close enough to 81 to just jump on and get off at exit 17.

What Did Recruiting Sites Say?: Nada, because they don’t watch enough CNY football.

Money Quote: Wright wasn’t always sure he was going to make it to ‘Cuse, but was pumped when it became a reality.

“I couldn’t really believe it at first. As I kept going on through my senior season, I knew it could be a reality.”

Twitter feed: Can’t find one, yet.

Tweets of Wonder: You know you’re a big shot when Stephen Bailey tweets about you.

What Movie Would Dino Recommend for Him?: He may not be taking out opponents on the field this year, but Mr. Wright should watch Mr. Right, a fun rom-com about an assassin (Sam Rockwell) who finds love (Ana Kendrick) and tries to change his lifestyle.

Interesting Nugget O’Interest: Just because recruiting sites didn’t love Wright doesn’t mean he wasn’t talented; He racked up a 30(!) tackle game versus East Syracuse Minoa last year.

Let’s Get a Good Look Atcha: Here’s a solid chunk of the 30 tackle game.