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Syracuse basketball recruits Joe Girard and Andre Jackson ball at Dyckman

The Syracuse recruits/Albany City Rocks duo showed up in NYC to ball at Dyckman.

Slam HS Hoops

The busy summer basketball schedule for Syracuse Orange recruit Joe Girard continued last week as he and his Albany City Rocks teammate, Andre Jackson, showed up to ball at New York’s premier outdoor court, Dyckman.

Slam has been running its showdowns at Dyckman this summer, which ultimately lead up to the Summer Classic on August 18th. Last Monday, Girard was Slam’s honorary guest and even though he plays his high-school basketball in BFE, Warren County, New Yorkers were still interested to see the state’s all-time leading scorer.

Slam put together video which is embedded below. Check the beginning of Andre Jackson’s (No. 18) dunk at the 2:45 mark.

Warning: For younger readers (read: millennials age 37 and below), the video content features adult language. We ask that you please ask for parental consent to view the video and if granted permission, we ask that your legal guardian hold your hand throughout the viewing experience. If your parent or legal guardian does not grant you permission, we ask that you please skip over the video. Those with a heart condition, neck or back trouble, pregnant, recent surgery or really none of the previous things mentioned in this sentence and by and large just really any millennial that would possibly take exception to the language used below should just forego the video. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Thank you.

While Girard was just visiting Boston College this last weekend, his summer has been filled with basketball, running with the City Rocks, trying out for Team USA, all the while trying to narrow down his recruitment. He visited Syracuse this summer and perhaps with Duke and Michigan aiming higher on the recruiting trail that bodes well for his services.

Still, Syracuse figures to have a deep backcourt next season even after losing rising senior Frank Howard and presumptuously, Tyus Battle. We spoke with Girard earlier this summer at Rumble in the Bronx, where he spoke of his Syracuse recruitment.

Girard is expected to make a college decision before the start of his senior basketball season this fall. He’s between Syracuse, Duke, Michigan, Notre Dame, Boston College and for some reason Penn State.