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Who Would Syracuse’s 3 impact players be in EA’s NCAA Football?

Thanks to State of the U for this awesome idea.

Syracuse v Miami Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Let’s keep remember the EA Sports NCAA Video Games, shall we? A few weeks ago, State of the U hypothesized what a 2018 version of the Miami video game roster would look like, so naturally I did the same thing.

If you don’t remember or never played, Impact Players were an EA NCAA exclusive, indicating not only the best players on the team, but creating a game play mechanic that rewarded their performance. Should one of your impact players make a big play, the rest of the team’s confidence would get higher, increasing the likelihood of successful actions moving forward. They also were not as affected by road crowd noise or lack of confidence spells that would hit your team. All in all, these guys were the game breakers.

So who would Syracuse Football’s three 2018 Impact Players be? Glad you asked...

Eric Dungey

Projected overall: 91

I may be bullish on how high Dungey’s overall would be, but keep in mind: he’d have above average throw power and accuracy combined with above average speed, agility and elusiveness. If you were smart, you knew that the NCAA games gave mobile QB’s a huge advantage and Dungey would be the perfect tool to break your opponents. Only downside? I can’t imagine he’s got that high of an injury rating, so one big hit and you’re calling Tommy Devito (probably a 78) off the bench.

Chris Slayton, DL

Projected overall: 89

Slayton is a physical BEAST and would have 90’s strength, block shedding and power move rankings. He’s the guy you line up just in between the center and guard and bulrush forward to break up run plays and disrupt the pocket on pass plays. If my high expectations become reality for Slayton, that first roster patch would upgrade him into the 90’s real quick.

Devin Butler, WR

Projected overall: 87

Butler’s the best returning wide out for the Orange with solid speed and catching ability. He may not have the spectacular catch or catch in traffic ability of Amba Etta-Tawo, but he fits that mold of athletic body making plays all over the field. What puts him over the top? The trick plays you’ll be able to pull out with that high 60’s/low 70’s throw power and accuracy he’ll have stashed away.

Others worth noting:

  • Aaron Roberts, OL: Impact players as an offensive linemen never really happened due to the game mechanics, but Roberts would probably be rated higher than all but Dungey IMO.
  • Koda Martin, OL: Call it the big school bias, but anytime a senior transfer from a big school comes into a lesser viewed school, they’d almost always be rated near the top of the roster. I’d bet Martin would be in the mid 80’s, second only to Roberts.
  • Alton Robinson, DL: Chris Slayton lite (tm) but, I was always able to take advantage of teams with the defensive end position in NCAA. Slayton might be the best defensive lineman, but I bet with an 85 Robinson, you could wreck some havoc on non-Clemson teams in the ACC off the edge.
  • Sean Riley, WR/PR/KR: A true wildcard, we know Riley has the wheels to burn defenders and special teams units. He’s someone I see starting off as a 79 with 90 speed/agility, who with some solid returns and catches quickly grows into a high 80’s player by the end of your first dynasty season.