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Get to Know Your Orange Man: #13, QB Tommy DeVito

The well-hyped redshirt freshman will be the backup quarterback this year, unless he’s called into action.

Name: Tommy DeVito

Position: Quarterback

Year: (Redshirt) Freshman

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 211

Hometown: Cedar Grove, N.J.

High school: Don Bosco Prep

2017 stats: Did not play due to redshirting. He was a member of the Syracuse Orange’s travel squad for the first nine games if that means anything.

2018 projections: He isn’t going to start the season. Yet, he could see playing time if Dungey has injury issues again, which in all honesty is a likely if he continues to run the ball. My bet is DeVito starts three games, goes 1-2 against Pitt, NC State, and UNC, throws for about 750 yards, five scores, and five interceptions. In all reality, let’s not over-hype yet, though. He’s talented, but also has zero college snaps so far.

How’d he get here: Syracuse was intent on getting DeVito before most had ever heard his name. He signed way before his senior year started, and even when big name SEC powers began to call, he never wavered on his commitment to Orange.

What’d recruiting sites say: 247 and ESPN said four stars while Scout and Rivals said three. ESPN rated him as a top-150 prospect.

Money quote: Well this is encouraging.

“I think Tommy DeVito has really come along. He is what we think he is. We think he’s got an opportunity to be an excellent quarterback.”

Twitter feed: @TommyDevito007

Tweets of wonder: This was posted right after the Clemson game. There’s a reason why the Syracuse faithful is high on this guy.

What movie would Dino recommend?: The 90’s movie, “Goodfellas,” stars Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito. The character is based on real life mobster, Tommy DeSimone.

Interesting nugget o’interest: Since he turned age six, Devito has gone through over an hour of drop backs and thrown hundreds of passes into targets each week. That’s dedication.

Let’s get a good look at ya: Here he is talking to ESPN on Signing day in 2017.