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Boeheim’s Army Super 16/Quarterfinal TBT opponent preview

Boeheim’s Army is going down to Atlanta. Let’s get a look at who the Orange alumni will and could be facing.

After a strong showing in Brooklyn, Boeheim’s Army leaves one annexed city for another that the Syracuse Orange have had plenty of success in. Who will Boeheim’s Army be matched up with? We’ve got quick previews of Saturday’s opponent (Armored Athlete) as well as any potential Regional Final opponent below!

#4 Armored Athlete

Their Story: A group of guys all connected to the General Manager, AJ Mahar. After knocking off the number one seed in the West in last year’s Super 16, they lost the next day to Challenge ALS. So far, they’ve defeated DC on Point and GaelNation.

Key Players: Julian Gamble PF (Miami), Terrico White SG (Ole Miss)

Armored Athlete survived a close game versus GaelNation thanks to the two guys above; Gamble and White combined for 68 minutes and 38 of the team’s 75 points. Gamble leads the team in minutes and will be a handful for the Boeheim’s Army big men. Arinze Onuwaku will be the difference maker here, as his presence could limit what’s been Armored Athlete’s consistent scoring threat.

#3 Golden Eagles (Marquette Alumni)

Their Story: Marquette alumni team. Last year, they lost in the Midwest Regional Championship Game to Always A Brave (Bradley’s team). In this year’s TBT, they were placed in the Big East Pod, defeating St. John’s Alumni team (Johnnies) and Seton Hall Alumni team (Hall In).

Key Players: Maurice Acker PG (Maquette), Jamil Wilson SF (Marquette)

The favorites to face the winner of Boeheim’s Army/Armored Athlete, the Golden Eagles are a bunch of guys you’ll remember from Syracuse’s days in the Big East. They’ve won both of their games comfortably, putting the beat down on Hall In, led by Jamil Wilson’s 29 total points. Maurice Acker is a name very familiar to members of Boeheim’s Army; the short point guard and minutes leader was at Marquette from 2007-10 and started versus Brandon Triche, Kris Joseph, and Onuwaku in a 76-71 2010 Marquette loss.

#15 Talladega Knights

Their Story: A bunch of friends who really liked the Will Ferrell movie “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.” Seriously. Last year, they lost in the first round of the TBT. This year, they won the East’s 15 seed play-in game, crushed the #2 seed HBC Sicklerville by 20 and knocked off the Arkansas Alumni team by 17. Nbd.

Key Players: Frantz Massenat PG (Drexel), Novar Gadson SF (Rider University)

A quick look over the Knights’ roster shows you why they were overlooked. No one player stands out as a collegiate or even professional star, but all have found solid playing time oversees and can hit shots anywhere on the floor. They’ve taken 43 threes in two games, with Gadson being a bigger guy who can step back and take the shots. He scored 30 versus Arkansas, while Massenat led the way with 6-13 three point shooting vs HBC Sicklerville. Marquette will have their wings full with this Cinderella.