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Boeheim’s Army players are fans of the Syracuse script jerseys honoring Kelly Seubert

This year’s Boeheim’s Army jerseys are the best rendition yet, honoring the late Kelly Seubert and benefiting the Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation.

Brooklyn, New York - In the inaugural year of The Basketball Tournament, Boeheim’s Army unveiled a script jersey but the jerseys themselves left something to be desired. Last year the jerseys got better, but ‘Boeheim’s Army’ was spelled out in a block font.

This year’s jerseys are the best yet, offering a clean finish with the vintage Syracuse script font. This is also the first year that Puma — more recently pushing into basketball brand — is sponsoring Boeheim’s Army jerseys.

“Yeah these are better than last year. I had a dress last year,” John Gillon quipped.

Gillon of course dropped 32 points in last night’s win over South Jamaica Kings, so it probably helped that he didn’t have a jersey hanging down to his knees. He and Demetris Nichols did the heavy lifting offensively yesterday, but the latter noted that the Puma look wasn’t complete.

“We need some Puma sneakers though,” Nichols noted in the post-game presser.

Puma sneakers and even socks wouldn’t be a bad feature, but the jerseys themselves were a hit. So much so that they sold out the very first day.

It’s a pleasure to see some good coming from TBT, Boeheim’s Army and jerseys. As noted above, ten percent of sales went directly to the Jim and Juli Boeheim foundation.

More on that front, head coach Ryan Blackwell was quick to empathetically point out the subtle patch above the Syracuse script on the upper right side of the jerseys, honoring Kelly Seubert who passed just last August.

“Great jerseys, especially with the Kelly (patch). That’s great having that on there,” Blackwell noted.

Jim Boeheim previously referred to Seubert as the heart and soul of the Syracuse basketball program, which she served on for 13 years.