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Tyus Battle Soaks Up Boeheim’s Army in Brooklyn

The ‘Cuse star took in the BA action across the river from his home in New Jersey. TNIAAM caught up with him.

Syracuse v TCU Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In a game that featured just as many ‘Cuse stars off the court as on the LIU-Brooklyn hardwood, Tyus Battle was not able to enter quietly. The Orange based crowd cheered the New Jersey native as he made his way to bleacher seats in front of me to watch Boeheim’s Army with friends.

With all that support shown for just walking into a gym, would Tyus ever consider playing for Boeheim’s Army down the road?

“These guys love to play basketball, I love to play basketball, so you want to play as much as possible,” said Battle. “I know these guys love to represent Syracuse, I love Syracuse so of course, down the road I’d love to be a part of this.“

Naturally, one of the biggest reasons Battle was loved by the Brooklyn crowd was his decision to come back to school for another year. While fans may have thought waiting on a decision was agonizing, it was ten times more so for the rising Junior.

“I’m glad I have the decision made. (Long pause) It was a long process but I’m happy to be back. We’re going to have a really good team and I’ve been working on my game so it’s exciting.“

And one of the biggest keys in coming back for Battle? He’s an enrolled student at Syracuse’s Syracuse’s School of Information Studies, aka the iSchool.

“I love being in the iSchool, it’s the way the world is going these days. Everything is technology based, so we’re ahead of the game right now.”

All game long, Tyus was just as vocal as any fan, especially as John Gillon put Boeheim’s Army on his back. Gillon and Battle were even communicating during the game, and Tyus naturally had to rib his former teammate when asked how he’d perform if on the court.

“John knows what it is already. (Laughs) So I’m not going to mention the other guys. But John was my teammate, we text all the time. We’re both competitors out there.“

A Gillon and Battle front court reunion on Boeheim’s Army? Probably not any time soon, but when so many Orange stars end up under one roof, one can only dream.