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ACC football power rankings: Can your coach buy a suit that fits properly?

TNIAAM’s “popular” “tradition” returns...

Via the ACC

Here at TNIAAM, we’re always ones to ask the hard-hitting questions about Syracuse Orange football and the ACC at large. Which teams are best? Which are frauds? And of course: Which coaches know how to dress well?

Back by “popular” “demand,” our annual feature on coach attire reaches season four. You may recall previous iterations when we simply judged khakis. Then as the league moved onto suits, we followed... suit, though only ranking slacks as an extension of how well everything fit as a whole.

Now, we’ve finally upgraded to evaluate the entire ensemble. Join us as we answer the most critical of queries:

Can your coach buy a suit that fits properly?

First up, the images we’re taking on, split by division:

And now onto the rankings...

1. Willie Taggart, Florida State Seminoles (Last Year: NR)

Taggs comes in strong, debuting at No. 1 just as Mark Richt did two years ago. The pocket square-tie combo is legit with a gray suit and black shoes. Having socks the same color as shoes doesn’t always work, but Willie pulls it off successfully here, too. Also, despite them all sitting, the suit is slimming. Just nice work, all around.

2. Mark Richt, Miami Hurricanes (LY: 14)

Richt rebounds from last year’s tan suit debacle, going with a more basic black/dark gray suit and a ‘Canes green tie. There’s no statement here, it’s just your basic “my team’s more talented than the others in my division and I understand how to walk into a store where clothing is sold” look.

3. Steve Addazio, Boston College Eagles (LY: 12)

Considered taking points off for the second straight year of man-spreading Dabo into a corner. However, Addazio does wear this (very) dark blue suit well, and the gold tie is a nice highlight amidst a mostly dark outfit. The cherry-brown shoes aren’t unique, but convey a classic fashion sense.

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

4. Dino Babers, Syracuse Orange (LY: 4)

Dino’s always great at these events, usually pairing dark blue with some shade of orange tie to rep Syracuse. The suit and shoes are a shade lighter than Addazio’s, as are the socks. It’s a very similar look, really. You could interchange the two if you needed to.

5. David Cutcliffe, Duke Blue Devils (LY: 9)

I like Cut’s shoes, and virtually matching the socks and tie is also a quality touch. Maybe he’s just sitting weird, which dips him slightly below the names directly above him? In any case, being one of the older guys here doesn’t hold him back from looking prepared for this sort of event.

6. Larry Fedora, North Carolina Tar Heels (LY: 1)

Would love to deduct points given this stupidity. That aside, however, Fedora’s in good shape and his suits fit accordingly. One potential issue: I do think the socks are a shade too light (or maybe two), but I’ll give him the benefit of drawing from UNC’s colors. Maybe the pants could be a bit looser?

7. Pat Narduzzi, Pittsburgh Panthers (LY: 11)

Narduzzi’s jacket sleeves seem to pull a bit, and perhaps the pants come up a bit too high when seated. Still, it’s all fairly well put together. Maybe the socks are a little loud, though, but don’t necessarily point enough to Pitt’s branding to be an accepted reason.

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

8. Dave Doeren, N.C. State Wolfpack (LY: 10)

The suit fits well, but the color (very dark gray) does seem a little too deep to match with lighter brown shoes. I’m also catching quite a bit of pleat in those pants, it appears (though not as much as some others).

9. Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (LY: 8)

I’m going to assume PJ’s fallen victim to no one telling him his suit jacket looked disheveled before the photo was taken. Otherwise, the suit fits well and it fails to scream “old guy” — both victories for many a football coach, right off the bat.

10. Dave Clawson, Wake Forest Demon Deacons (LY: 2)

Is Clawson’s suit too big? Because it seems like there’s a lot of jacket available in the front — though the fabric also pulls around the elbows, oddly. Shoes also look a bit too boxy, and there’s extra pant fabric as well. Maybe Clawson just needs a new suit.

11. Bobby Petrino, Louisville Cardinals (LY: 6)

Bobby didn’t get the memo that you unbutton the jacket when sitting down. Also, the jacket pulls considerably in the front. He’s also sitting weirdly. I don’t know... just kind of strange to see him alone in the middle, and maybe that’s part of the issue.

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

12. Bronco Mendenhall, Virginia Cavaliers (LY: 3)

WHO TOLD BRONCO TO STRADDLE THE CHAIR? This is another one that might just be fine, but looks a bit tossed around by way of just sitting strangely. Jacket also may not fit well around the elbows.

13. Justin Fuente, Virginia Tech Hokies (LY: 7)

Fuente’s pants just have too much fabric available, and the jacket sleeves are pretty tight, no matter how you’re holding your arms. Tie’s also almost too plain, even though I know the maroon is also part of the Hokies brand.

14. Dabo Swinney, Clemson Tigers (LY: 13)

Dabo’s hilariously rich and yet his suit comes from Costco, at best. How this man is able to walk out of the house each year dressed in his dad’s suit is beyond me. Sorry, Dabo, just own ONE suit that is presentable for ACC Football Kickoff.