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Get to Know Your Orange Man: #19, S Andre Cisco


NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Andre Cisco

Position: Safety

Year: Freshman

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 199

Hometown: Valley Stream, N.Y

High School: IMG Academy (Fla.)

2017 Stats: Recorded 15 tackles, a pick and three fumble recoveries for IMG, though wouldn’t put much stock into the numbers since IMG handles playing time weirdly. He was a star at St. Anthony’s (hey, I went there for a year) on Long Island before that.

2018 projections: We might end up seeing quite a bit of him this year. The recently released Syracuse Orange depth chart puts him in one of the two starting safety spots. If that holds, he’ll be a big part of protecting SU from getting beat over the top, as they have been in recent years.

How’d he get here: Cisco made his decision in December, picking the Orange over programs like Nebraska, Northwestern, Illinois and Vanderbilt. Seems the warm weather at IMG Academy was not to his liking.

What’d recruiting sites say?: Everyone said three stars.

Money Quote: Correct! No other schools have a dome like that. Cisco spoke with 247Sports after visiting last year.

“All of it was impressive. It’s a top program so it’s what you would expect. I was impressed with all of it. The Dome was really cool. I don’t think any schools have a Dome like that. It was pretty cool to see.”

Twitterfeed: @OCHOCISCO

Tweets of wonder: Hope you’re all ready for Sisqo gifs, because we’ll have a lot of them.

What movie would Dino recommend for him: Perhaps you’ve seen the 1994 film “Andre,” about a seal that befriends a girl and her family? Cisco’s probably a better defensive back than the seal, but I’m willing to take a closer look at the tape.

Interesting nugget o’interest: As mentioned, Andre originally attended St. Anthony’s, a school that produced quite a few notable alums, including comedian Paul Scheer and Knicks analyst Alan Hahn.

Let’s get a good look at you: Avoiding the music video for the “Thong Song,” here’s some clips from signing day courtesy of SU.