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Boeheim’s Army adds Arinze Onuaku as late roster substitution

Paul Harris is out, so in comes AO.

CBE Classic Syracuse v Kansas Photo by: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Just when you thought Boeheim’s Army couldn’t get better, GM Kevin Belbey added a guy he’s wanted for a long time. The Syracuse Orange alumni TBT team added former ‘Cuse big man and Big East defensive player of the year Arinze Onuaku, replacing Paul Harris who had to bow out.

AO’s Syracuse accomplishments are well documented, but post-SU, he’s been one of the most productive alumni all over the globe. Onuaku last played in the NBA for the Orlando Magic in 2017 after tearing up the Summer League & G-League. He’s spent some time playing in China, and just recently wrapped up a stint in the Philippines where he’s been similarly dominant.

One of the biggest weaknesses for Boeheim’s Army has been a dominant big man who can play at both ends of the floor (DaShonte Riley is more of a defensive presence). While the TBT recipe for success is usually shooting, preventing easy drives to the hole and easy second chance points will balance out any team and have usually put winners Oversees Elite comfortably on the podium. If AO is on, Boeheim’s Army could suddenly become the favorites in that matchup.

Welcome back to the States, Arinze! Can’t wait to see you play in Brooklyn!