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Four TBT teams that Syracuse fans are rooting against

Could’ve been five, but you can thank the Hoyas for another first round exit...

Ohio State v Dayton Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Going into this year’s edition of The Basketball Tournament, it was pretty obvious who Syracuse Orange fans were rooting against. Over on the opposite side of the Northeast bracket at No. 6 was Jack Attack, the Georgetown Hoyas’ alumni team.

However, in true Georgetown fashion, they were upset in round one (by Seton Hall’s Hall In squad), so now we need other teams to hate. Luckily, the bracket still provides some options for us.

Below are the four squads you’re actively rooting against, either for Syracuse’s interests, Boeheim’s Army’s interests, or both. Bitterness is a critical trait of rooting for this program, so if nothing else, this exercise just keeps the spirit of that intact.

Kentucky v Ohio State Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

1. Scarlet & Gray

The Ohio State Buckeyes’ alumni team is not just a collection of ANY former players — it includes some of those directly responsible for Syracuse failing to make the 2012 Final Four by way of the ugliest Elite 8 game that ever was. Jared Sullinger and Aaron Craft lead a team that also features Evan Ravenel (played sparingly off the bench and hit three free throws in the 2012 contest). Scarlet & Gray’s a 1-seed in the Midwest bracket, so we’re not catching them until the championship game at best. But feel free to root for a slip-up on their end along the way.

2. Overseas Elite

This is solely from a Boeheim’s Army perspective. Overseas Elite has lorded over TBT for years, and also knocked Boeheim’s Army out of last year’s Final Four. They lost their head coach right before this summer’s tournament started, though, so perhaps there’s an opening here? I feel like they’re at the top of every team’s list in terms of dislike, due to their dominance thus far. The (formerly of St. John’s) D.J. Kennedy-led club is already on to the Super 16 in the South bracket.

3. Golden Eagles

The Buzz Williams Marquette teams were annoying, even if Syracuse still had the upper hand, albeit barely (4-3 in those seasons). This year’s Golden Eagles team is already through to the Super 16 after dispatching Big East brethren Hall In (Seton Hall) and Johnnies (St. John’s). You’ll recognize some of the names on this Golden Eagles roster as well, like Jerel McNeal and Jake Thomas, both of whom performed well against Syracuse while at MU.

4. Zoo Crew

This year’s Pitt alumni squad might not have as much firepower as the previous one did, but it’s still Pitt. Levance Fields returns, and Jermaine Dixon’s on the squad as well, making for a sizeable 1-2 punch at guard. As for the rest, though, you’ll struggle to find the same animosity for Temple fill-ins on the roster. But the sooner Pitt commits to their customary early exit in tournament play, the better. Should they get past Jackson TN Underdawgs, they’ll likely face Team Fredette in round two.

Any other teams you should supremely dislike? Share your own below.