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Boeheim’s Army sells out jerseys in just a couple hours

We wanted these... and so did everyone else.

Via @BoeheimsArmy Twitter

Back in June, Boeheim’s Army unveiled some gorgeous new uniforms for 2018’s edition of The Basketball Tournament and since then we’ve wondered when we might be able to purchase those beauties.

Well, that day was Thursday. Then it wasn’t just a couple hours later when everything sold out (and is on back order for 3-4 weeks now for those that still want some sizes).

Jersey sales weren’t even the only Boeheim’s Army/TBT news from Thursday, either. Along with some great-looking jerseys, the team also unveiled the official poster for 2018, courtesy of the immensely talented Mike Borkowski. Within the poster, you’ll find all of the members of this year’s team, Coach Ryan Blackwell, and of course, the looming figure of Syracuse Orange head coach Jim Boeheim behind it all.

Eric Devendorf’s facial expression is also priceless.

Finally, ESPN also started announcing broadcast times for TBT, which starts in earnest next week. Boeheim’s Army will begin the event on Saturday, July 21 against the winner of this weekend’s South Jamaica Kings vs. Philadelphia Stars game — with the proceedings streamed on WatchESPN at 6:50 p.m. ET. A win there gets them another WatchESPN game the following day against the winner of Team Fancy and Saints Alive at 4:40 p.m. Both contests would take place at the Steinberg Wellness Center at LIU Brooklyn.

If Boeheim’s Army can parlay its one-seed into a trip to TBT’s Northeast Regional semifinals, they’ll play on ESPN in Atlanta at 11 a.m.

TNIAAM will have plenty of Boeheim’s Army coverage rolling out next week, and we’ll be attending the games as well — so be on the look out for all of that.