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What Syracuse Orange sports figures deserve a ‘pardon’ from fans?

Not for actual crimes. Just things that were ‘crimes’ in the eyes of fans.


If you’ve been paying attention to the news, an orange-tinged person is considering pardons for numerous individuals (even himself!). This inspired Sean to ask a question of all Syracuse Orange fans, since well... we’re also orange.

Who deserves a “pardon” from Syracuse fans for perceived slights and problematic occurrences that we’ve all been holding onto for way too long?

Sean posits Donte Greene, and I’d have to agree with the pick. Fans ran Greene through the ringer for leaving after the 2007-08 season, despite him doing all he could to carry a flawed and injured team to the outer reaches of the NCAA Tournament bubble. He was a first round pick, which makes his decision a success. But as Sean notes, nearly every player (Malachi Richardson aside) that left early after him has been criticized using the same lens Orange fans had back then: “he left too soon and didn’t accomplish enough for SU.”

I’ll happily pardon him for that — though, as former TNIAAM contributor Brian Tahmosh mentions, not for “the Dynasty.”

Twitter was happy to offer up other options, though. Some of the best tossed out there:

A lot of basketball in there, with the obvious ones being Lawrence Moten (for the timeout), Derrick Coleman (missed free throw) and Fab Melo being the big ones. Doug Marrone is certainly one that everyone should probably get past at this point. If we’re adding another football option from that general era, perhaps Greg Paulus? His QB tenure started off rough, but he did end up completing nearly 68 percent of his passes for over 2,000 yards and 13 touchdowns. Given the minimal amount of talent on that roster, it’s pretty amazing.

Some other selections, in brief:

  • Darius Bazley (I’ve already moved on)
  • Robert Washington and Tyrone Sampson (if you haven’t already)
  • Whoever came up with #CuseMode
  • Rob Murphy for “Shut It Down
  • DOCTOR Gross (wait, nevermind)
  • Whoever spell-checks things at Syracuse
  • George McDonald (I’m not ready...)

You probably have your own picks. So feel free to offer your case for pardoning certain individuals below.