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Filed under:’s Mike Waters spent the NBA Draft dunking on people

Mike’s recent pursuits of setting the record straight have become one of the most enjoyable parts of Syracuse Twitter.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round- Michigan State Spartans vs Syracuse Orange Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Now, without a doubt, the story of the NBA Draft was ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and his creative workaround for not being able to tweet selections in advance. Arguably sports media’s most plugged-in insider, “Woj” has been ruining draft broadcasts for years but we thought he’d struggle now that he’s at ESPN (which broadcasts the event). He obviously did not.

But in the Syracuse Orange corner of the internet, another star was also going about his usual business, and excelling at it as always. I’m talking, of course, about’s Mike Waters.

Back in February, the long-time Orange basketball writer took to dunking emphatically on bad opinions. And since then, he hasn’t necessarily ceased.

However, an NBA Draft with no Syracuse players (something we knew in advance) gave him a new chance to embrace the spotlight. And so he did...

As Waters points out above, Syracuse did beat Michigan State (Jaren Jackson, Mile Bridges), Boston College (Jerome Robinson), Miami (Lonnie Walker) and Kevin Huerter (Maryland) — and all of those players were first-rounders. The Orange had no first-rounders this year, and might not have even if Tyus Battle had stayed in the draft.

Some fans took exception to Mike’s point because of the fact that Battle and Oshae Brissett could both go in the first round next season. Others just felt the point didn’t matter. Waters decided to add Jamie Dixon to the proceedings just for good measure. This was equal parts laughing at unhappy fans as it was pointing out that yes, Syracuse did beat some pretty good teams and players last year.

Now obviously SU also lost to plenty of first-rounders, too. And this does conveniently leave that information out. But I, for one, don’t care about any of that. Mike’s been flexing on people so much lately that he owns a gym. If your’e taking a swing, best be ready for whatever happens next.