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Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: NBA Draft preview/Elam Ending

Oh, and we’re previewing the Mountain West as well, for those interested.

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It’s NBA Draft day! Syracuse Orange fans might not care about that, but we certainly do, so we dive in for a bit. Then, we direct your attention to The Basketball’s Tournament’s new wacky idea for the end of games. Also, thanks as always, to our producer Louis for making this listenable.

Some of the larger topics this week:

  • The alt-reality where Boise State plays for the 2010 championship
  • Why the Knicks and Nets are both screwed, in various ways
  • Big men, and what’s changed for them at the pro level
  • Sorry, we’re fans of the Elam Ending (don’t @ us)
  • UNLV is maybe a year away from Mountain West contention
  • Who to trust more: San Diego State or Fresno State football?
  • Want more beer? Follow John and Dan on Untappd

Plan accordingly: This week’s episode runs a little over an hour. There’s a lot of NBA Draft and TBT chatting in the first half, then we’re all Mountain West in the second.

Also, Dan’s going to be in Tuckahoe, N.Y. speaking about beer and Syracuse football in August. Details here.

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