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Presenting your best Syracuse-themed Kentucky Derby names

You were all too good at this yesterday...

Horse Racing: Kentucky Derby-Workouts Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we tossed out a very offseason-y idea: What would you name a Syracuse-themed Kentucky Derby horse?

It made sense that people would respond. Just didn’t realize they’d respond to the extent that they did. So now we get a SECOND article on the topic, naming the best of the numerous Syracuse Orange-themed submissions from both the comment section and Twitter.

There were quite a few quality names thrown out there, so apologies if yours didn’t make the cut.


  • American CJ Fair-oh (via @JeffParrotte)
  • Boeheim By His Nose (@amarano001)
  • BOEHEIMiam Rhapsody (via brolock302)
  • Cuse is in the Horse (OMG, OMG) (via @DaveT1209)
  • Man O’ Warrick (via forsu)
  • McNamara’s Miracle (@BH_Orange44)
  • Neigheim (via @ActuallyAmCcabz)
  • Pony Sieklay (via Medic Maniac)
  • Sorry America (via HeiaTIL44)
  • Withoutgerrymcnamarawewouldnthavewontenfuckingracesthisyearoknotten (via @SeanKeeleyIsMe)


  • Derby Dar Dar (via @DrewCuse)
  • DixonForHeisman (via all orange)
  • Pat Dye Kisses His Sister (@Matt_Meisel)
  • Prince Tyson Gallup (via all orange)
  • They Didn’t Know (via MrPlow99)
  • TwentySevenTwentyFour (via @Orangeman: Fighter of the Nightman)


  • Fire Desko (@DanArestia)
  • StrongGait (via berg_ryman)
  • WheresTheTrophy (via Cepha-Cuse)


  • Absolute Magician (via MrPlow99/Mike Will is DoubleDown)
  • JokesAndGarbage (via RockLloyd)
  • HonorYourPaddock (via 721Comstock)
  • WhereIsSeanKeeley (via Dubes35)

What’s your favorite here? (and please, no more suggestions!)