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CBS Sports ranks Syracuse’s Eric Dungey 26th-best quarterback in FBS

Seems pretty fair, all things considered.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

We’re starting to enter peak offseason now, as school is over, camp is still over a month out, and preview magazines are about to hit shelves. That creates some good opportunities for #content, so if you disagree with any of the rankings posted here, that’s completely okay.

The latest list comes to us from CBS Sports, which ranked every starting quarterback in college football (FBS level), but with a twist. Players were tiered out based on stats — either accumulated or projected -- and what type of honors they may be contending for.

TL;DR -- the Syracuse Orange’s Eric Dungey finished 26th overall, about mid-way through Tier III.

But for those that would like a bit more explanation to all of this, tier I was a three-QB list of players in contention for Heisman and All-American honors. Tier II is darkhorse Heisman guys and all-conference selections (there were 10 of these). Tier III is long-established starters who’ve put up some numbers (21 in all). After the first three groupings, tier IV was largely younger guys poised for breakouts, and tier V was a short list of transfers that have yet to earn the job at their new school.

Dungey finishing 26th here shouldn’t really surprise or irk anyone. In Athlon’s national rankings, he came in at a fairly similar 23rd, with the major caveat being his health (or lack thereof) over his career so far. His numbers are what gives him a little bit higher profile. Otherwise, we’d be talking about him as a first-team All-ACC player, instead of just Sterling Hofrichter.

As we usually do with these lists, though, a quick look at the QBs the struggling Orange defense will have to suit up against this season (note: not all passers included on the CBS list):

6. Ryan Finley, NC State (Tier II, No. 3)

11. Kelly Byrant, Clemson (Tier II, No. 8)

17. Brandon Wimbush, Notre Dame (Tier III, No. 4)

28. James Blackman, Florida State (Tier III, No. 15)

46. Jawon Pass, Louisville (Tier IV, No. 12)

49. Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh (Tier IV, No. 15)

Among the 2018 SU opponents with quarterbacks left off the list: Boston College, Connecticut, North Carolina, Wake Forest and Western Michigan.

Like I said, I think it’s fair. And it’s also worth noting that the five teams left off of this list also sort of represent our five most likely FBS wins, probably (maybe swap out Pitt for BC). Quarterback play is always important, and in a passing-centric game right now, that’s become even more apparent. It’s nice to see Syracuse on the right side of these QB conversations. Now let’s just hope we do something on the field with that fact.