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Syracuse would’ve appreciated Wisconsin boycotting 2016-17 basketball game

Instead of a boycott, we took a 17-point L.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Former Wisconsin Badgers standout Nigel Hayes recently revealed that he and other players were contemplating a boycott during the 2016-17 campaign — and as luck would have it, that game would’ve been their 77-60 drubbing of the Syracuse Orange as part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

Hayes has been outspoken about fair player compensation, and a move to boycott that specific game (two nationally-ranked teams on ESPN) would’ve been a major part of that ongoing conversation around paying NCAA athletes. If the Orange hadn’t joined in on the boycott, it might have also helped their resume.

As you remember, Syracuse was the first team out in the 2017 NCAA Tournament. Playing the Badgers didn’t necessarily hurt them, but a big loss certainly didn’t help either. Who knows how the committee would’ve counted the game if the boycott had just been awarded as a victory for SU.

It’s also debatable whether or not a win by forfeit is really worth compromising what you believe in. We don’t necessarily know how Orange players felt at the time, but if they’d opted to take the W over standing in solidarity with Hayes and his Badgers teammates (if they agreed with them), that’s probably a net-negative. Though obviously we’d love to just erase that ugly game anyway.

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