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Which football game highlights did Syracuse use for Dome mock-ups?

The I-team investigates.


You’ve surely seen the internal and external images of the proposed (DON’T CALL IT CARRIER) Dome renovations by now. But if not, direct your attention above for the inside — the part we’re talking about today.

Along with images of random fans and the field and proposed new roof, you’ll also see the scoreboard. That scoreboard has very large screens on it, with two different game highlights tossed in.

While we could just ask the Syracuse Orange athletic department which games those clips are from, where’s the fun in that? So instead, we try to determine exactly which games those are, using what we can see and what we know from keeping track of uniforms for so long around here.


Here’s the info we have on-hand:

Screen 1

  • Blue helmets
  • Orange jerseys
  • Blue pants
  • Running for a first down with wide open field and one blocker

Screen 2

  • Blue helmets
  • Blue pants
  • Maybe blue jerseys too? It’s tough to tell.
  • Ball is at the goal line

If we assume the blue/orange/blue scheme for screen 1, our options include just two games: Colgate (2016) and Clemson (2017), both wins. Clemson would probably be the game you’d want to feature there of the two. But looking at the score, it’s in the top left corner, which is potentially more aligned with a Watch ESPN broadcast (so the Colgate game). This really should be Clemson, but the long, open run (though SU had several vs. the Tigers) and the score placement make make think Colgate. Verdict: 2016 season opener vs. Colgate Raiders.

For screen 2, we’re in a bit tougher of a spot because the jerseys aren’t clear. If it’s the same color combo as screen 1, then it’s probably Colgate given the fact that all of SU’s scoring opportunities were from outside the five-yard line in the Clemson game. But the score placement looks like it’s a potential national broadcast. That gets me thinking it’s an all-blue game, opening up the possibilities to either Clemson again (2015) or Boston College (2017) -- both losses.

The BC game was not a national broadcast and also Syracuse never had the ball that close. Syracuse did against Clemson in 2015, however, and that game was also a national broadcast.

I’m iffy, but the verdict: Clemson Tigers 2015.

Am I completely wrong? Do you have better ideas? Does anyone at SU want to clarify? Toss any and all ideas below.