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Syracuse basketball needs some really cool starting lineup introductions

No, we’re not done talking about Carrier Dome renovations yet.

Syracuse v Western Michigan Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Alright, alright, we’re going to piggy back off of Mike Water’s piece over at the dot com from yesterday and yes, we’re still talking about the Carrier Dome renovations. One of the accoutrements announced from Monday include a new sound and lighting system for the beleaguered and beloved Carrier Dunkin Wegman’s whatvertheheckwerecallingit Dome, which really, this can only mean two things for basketball:

1. We can hopefully stop playing ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ by Guns N Roses just before tip.

2. We can finally do some really cool starting lineup introductions.

I’m serious, Syracuse has the potential to do something really cool here. Give us the dog and pony show. Give us all the bells and whistles.

Remember the 2016 Final Four introductions? Why can’t we have that in Syracuse?

The in-house video production guys at Cuse have been doing some pretty amazing work for the last few years. There has to be a way where they can put a video together, cut the lights in the dome and project a video like the one below onto Jim Boeheim court.

That’s something that can be done, right?

But let’s not stop there. Give us those outdoor heater things that belong more to a Cheesecake Factory outdoor seating area than a basketball facility and let’s prop those on both sides of the players that line up when starters are introduced. Then when players names are announced make those bad boys emit large enough flames so the season ticket holders — who will likely be telling stories of bathroom trough glory days — have their eyebrows singed in the first row and also large enough so undiscerning millennials such as myself can ooh and ahh at the spectacle from row 312.

Give us those indoor fireworks and roman candles that are assuredly somehow illegal/represent a fire hazard and light those off inside the dome like it’s the Fourth of July, which will all but ensure the people who instruct other fans to sit down during a basketball game complain about it.

While we’re at it, just lock in a season long contract with Red Panda and let her juggle plates utilizing all four limbs while balancing on a unicycle as all of the aforementioned takes place.

Give us anything and everything that doesn’t include the Dome Ranger. Best starting lineup introductions in the nation? Check the box.

Anyway, the key here is to make people feel. Let’s make people feel like its the 1997 NBA Finals Chicago Bulls intro this thing.

As it stands right now, Bishop Ludden has the best starting lineup introductions in Central New York. That should change in the near future once a new lighting system allows for the lights to be turned off during player intros in the dome.

Oh. And in terms of intro songs, just give us ‘Moment of Clarity’ by Jay or this:


What do you think? What else could be done to make starting lineup introductions better? Disagree with any of the above? What song should Syracuse come out to? And more importantly, how much does Jim Boeheim not give a shit about any of the above?