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Which new Dome features do Syracuse fans most want to see?

New stuff is en route. What are we most excited/hoping for?


On Monday, we found out that the Syracuse Orange would be getting a nice influx of cash ($118 million) to renovate the Carrier Dome into what should be a more modern facility.

SU has already spelled out what some of those changes include. To refresh your memory from the other day:

  • New, fixed roof
  • Vertically hung scoreboard
  • New sound and lighting systems
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi
  • ADA accessibility upgrades
  • Air conditioning
  • Bathroom upgrades
  • Concessions upgrades
  • Natural lighting

We’ve already applauded the end of troughs. And clearly it’s great that we finally get AC (even if Carrier’s name appears nowhere in this announcement as Syracuse continues to try and get out of that naming rights deal). But what else do fans really want?

After tossing it out to the group (shortly after Sean did so first), the (of course) #jokesandgarbage results:

While I’d applaud just about all of these (especially the last one), there are probably some other, more realistic ones you’d like to see included.

I’d say the updated concessions area should probably pull from local sources as much as possible. You can pull from a boatload of local craft beer to further build out the presence of those breweries in the Dome (or whatever we’re calling it), plus feature food from spots like Dinosaur BBQ, Wegmans and other establishments. Dome Dogs and Dome Nachos and is Burger King still there (?) can stick around. But people are far more interested in pursuing local and interesting eats at stadiums.

More comfortable seats is probably on the list, though SU likely keeps cushions as a paid feature. Cupholders would be nice, too, but admittedly that may also be a pipe dream.

As far as other elements for fan experience, luxury box updates are also likely but don’t necessarily affect the larger fan populace in the Dome. Features like posing with mannequins donning 44, perhaps some Ernie Davis legends VR experience or other links to the school’s tradition and history could create a unique way to connect with younger fans. Once the updated Wi-Fi’s up and running, surely there’s a way to play some sort of seat section-based game for additional rewards, too.

Whether Syracuse is soliciting these or not, though, might as well keep the real (and fake) ideas coming. What else would you want to see out of Dome renovations? Share your own ideas below.