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Five Syracuse football games that would have been more amazing with Twitter

Because it matters more when there’s #jokesandgarbage.

Syracuse v Miami
Anyone who knows me knows Diamond’s on this list
Photo by Eliot Schechter/Getty Images

Inspired by this piece last week by SBNation’s Spencer Hall, I decided to look at five games in Syracuse Orange football history where we needed Twitter to make them even more amazing. (Don’t worry we’ll do Syracuse Basketball at a later time.)

These might not be the best games necessarily, but the ones with moments that would have had your Twitter fingers putting in more work than a Syracuse athlete on Fortnite.

1987 vs West Virginia Mountaineers

When I thought about this blog I immediately thought about the angst on Twitter as the Orange trailed late in the 4th quarter. With an undefeated season on the line against their rivals, fans would have been going crazy. How would they have reacted when Syracuse scored to close the deficit to one? How many people would have said kick the extra point and how many would have said it was time to go for 2?

1960 Cotton Bowl vs Texas Longhorns

There’s no way we’re leaving the culmination of an undefeated National Championship season off the list. We would have loved to watch Ernie Davis galloping down the field on the Longhorns D and I’m sure there would have been more than a few #ElmiraExpress tweets during this one.

1998 Tight End Throwback vs Virginia Tech Hokies

You probably remember the final play, but watch the chaos to see how it ended up like that and imagine Twitter. What would people have been saying when McNabb got sacked on 2nd and goal or about Cuse being out of timeouts here?

2002 vs Virginia Tech Hokies

You want a fun game to follow....well how about this 3OT classic. I’m pretty certain that there are nights when Frank Beamer wakes up yelling “Nunes to David Tyree again...someone stop that combination”.

2004 vs Boston College Eagles

This game has the perfect recipe for Twitter. The Orange were coming off a loss to Temple. BC was one win away from a Big East title and trip to the Fiesta Bowl. Their fans showed up to Alumni Stadium wearing sombreros and carrying bags of Tostitos. Syracuse was without Walter Reyes, and then Damien Rhodes got hurt in the first quarter.

Paul Pasqualoni turned to Everett, Mass. native Diamond Ferri, who played on both sides of the ball and crushed the Eagles and Matt Ryan.

As the BC fans poured out of Alumni early we could have added salt to their margaritas with #SombreroSadness #MattyIced and of course #DiamondFerrisareForever.

I chose to go with positive moments for my list, but I recognize that meltdowns are also amazing Syracuse Twitter moments. I know there are a lot of other moments so share yours in the comments.