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Syracuse wants to make sure your meal plan’s set for next year

You’re all special exceptions to second-year meal plans in our book.

One of the many reasons college was great included the fact that food was largely accounted for if you were an on-campus resident. Not that it’s incredibly stressful afterward. But obviously not having to cook or worry about buying food every week is much less stressful than having to do so.

Well, what if you could still get a meal plan today? For a short time on Thursday, Syracuse University seemed to be presenting you with that sort of reality... if you were a second-year student, that is.

First of all, what is this exception that’s been allowed? And why is it needed for your (my) second year at Syracuse University? Was pretty sure you could adjust these things online whenever you wanted back in school, but maybe that’s no longer the case.

Matt was not the only lucky alum to receive what appeared to be a pretty great deal opportunity from SU -- many other graduates (self included) were sent the same note. Too bad most of us can only dream about a meal plan setup at this point in our adult lives.

While it’s easy to chalk this up to Syracuse being Syracuse, they did make a fairly quick correction via email, and also issue this quality tweet. As I’ve long stated, #Brockway4Lyfe.

Eating grilled cheese at Brockway seems to be a wild under-utilization of the resources available to you there, but that might just be me.

In any case, I do wish I was a sophomore again, despite the fact that it also puts you in that limbo where you can’t legally drink but most of your friends who are juniors can. That has nothing to do with meal plans — just more facts of life.