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The 10 people you’ll see during Syracuse’s commencement weekend

Another Mother’s Day weekend means another group of Orange Alumni entering the real world. Up there this weekend? Here’s here you’re going to see.

2012 Syracuse University Commencement Photo by Nate Shron/Getty Images

It’s commencement weekend at Syracuse University once again, and that means while you get to be bummed about the fact that you graduated X years ago, many current students are just now finalizing their time at SU.

You’re bound to see a lot of people around the Syracuse campus in these final days. But these are the 10 people guaranteed to make an appearance during your commencement weekend experience:

1. The Graduate Who Has It All Figured Out - We all knew one of them; the job and new apartment in some big city (probably New York) are all set, they have some vague sort of broad answer for all questions, and conquered all they needed in college. That will totally hold into adulthood, right adults? (Or legal adults who don’t identify as adults *raises hand emphatically.*)

2. The Graduate Who Totally Does Not Have It All Figured Out - Then there’s the counter; they feel like nothing is set and totally panicking. There are still applications to fill out, one more paper to submit and life just needs to slow down. Don’t worry, your Syracuse degree will help, just find a Syracuse spot wherever you are and meet some alumni who were in your spot at commencement and are now killing it.

3. The Group of Grads Trying To Get The Perfect Group Shot - They move in unison, you think it’s a single living organism. Trying to find the perfect light for that one “candid” shot where everyone is “totally natural,” yet have perfect hair, perfect outfit that has taken three hours to stage somewhere around campus.

2012 Syracuse University Commencement Photo by Nate Shron/Getty Images

4. The Family Who Hasn’t Been to Campus Since the Tour - You see the family looking around so fast you think they’re a top. Campus didn’t look like this four or five years ago, did it? Where did you go to class? What’s that giant marshmallow?

5. The Alumni Family Ready To Be a Student Again (Guilty) - This alumna/us has spent far too much money at the bookstore on Orange gear. They’re going to Faegans looking for their name on a plaque or something. Then they hit one of the Hill bars and are ready to clock out at 9, and walking out see all of the students just now getting to the bar, and they’re the early ones! Oh to be young again. Speaking of which...

6. The Consistently Hungover Graduate - You only get one grad week, and you’re not missing that awesome night at Lucy’s, the final Flip night, can’t not go out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Syracuse during the last weekend! Even the youngest livers have a breaking point.

7. The “Oh This is What Downtown Looks Like” Graduate - For the last four years, the closest you got to downtown Syracuse was Pastabilities or Dino when the family came into town. Then you find out Pastabilities has a three-hour wait and you start exploring. “Oh wow, there are some cool places down here!”

8. The “Where’s the Free Food” Graduate - Let’s be real: you’re moving out on Monday, beer takes up space, so there’s not a ton of food in the apartment. You walk around the quad and see all the tents and catering staff, time to make some rounds and find lunch/dinner until the family will take you out.

2012 Syracuse University Commencement Photo by Nate Shron/Getty Images

9. The Prospective Students Who Had No Idea it was Commencement Weekend - High school juniors are wrapping their years and realizing that college is something to start pondering. Why not take a nice, May week/weekend to visit some schools! Is it always this busy around? Is it always this sunny?

10. Mike Tirico - I’m gonna get serious here: Mike Tirico is one of the best ambassadors the University has. He loves Syracuse so much, and sometimes, as you look for some Orange gear for your fiancé and he looks for his wife, you both share an awkward bump and “hello” as you stumble around the bookstore women’s section. He’s also up at Syracuse with quite a bit of frequency.

Congratulations to all of the 2018 graduates; You are all now subjected to years of heart attacks all sports season long!