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What will be Syracuse’s new novelty font?

NC State gets WOLF FANGS, we want new fonts/numbers, so... Hi Nike.

Wake Forest v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

We like to talk uniforms. Especially, Syracuse related uniforms. Especially especially Syracuse Orange Football uniforms, even ones we can’t buy. Naturally, I’m going to take a moment to do this again for that sweet click money. (Sucker!)

The N.C. State Wolfpack Athletic Department will be replacing their totoally fine yet pretty standard font with something very 2000s sports, with the intention of conjuring images of wolves attacking with their fangs.

Syracuse football fans know all about less than desired fonts/numbering, as this particular community has been vocally against the current football/lacrosse font, supposedly to embody the tall buildings of New York City, because #NewYorksCollegeTeam.

When Syracuse gets a new jersey, we will most definitely get a new font regardless of apparel company. Here are some totally serious suggestions from the TNIAAM resident Uniform Dude. (If any of y’all have some graphic design/photoshop skills, I’d love to see these brought to life in the comments.)


“This font brings the Syracuse Orange’s proud name to the forefront of the jersey. These letters and names in orange all feature a stem, to let people know that Syracuse is in fact, nicknamed the Orange. Naturally, the jerseys will be Platinum.”


“This new font embodies #OTNIF and the pace of play the Orange have made their own. The new era of Syracuse athletics needs a font to match, so this 44 degree slanted font will be both cutting edge and impossible to read.“


“This sturdy, strong font represents the strength of the Orange #brand, and is in no way a standard sports font we found in Madden, nope not at all.“

Any other suggestions?