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Allen Griffin wasn’t about to talk Darius Bazley out of his decision

And more links related to Darius Bazley — yes, we’re still talking about this.

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NCAA Basketball: Buffalo at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve likely been hearing about Darius Bazley-related things since last week, but we’re not quite done yet. Allen Griffin wants you to know that he’s fully supportive of the former Syracuse Orange basketball signee, and didn’t even try to talk him out of it. Jim Boeheim has expressed similar thoughts to Griffin’s, albeit with his typical salt about the larger sport’s situation (and the G League) in general, however.

The rest of the daily links for you:

SU assistant Allen Griffin ‘didn’t even try’ to talk Darius Bazley out of G-League decision (

Griffin talked to Bazely right before the news was announced on Twitter. Griffin talked to Bazley and his high school coach, Steve Wright, after the news as well, but the goal wasn’t to talk Bazley out of the decision. ”Didn’t even try,’’ Griffin said Monday morning. Griffin knew that there was no use in trying to change Bazley’s thinking and, most importantly, Griffin wanted to take the high road.

SU’s motto for defensive success: ‘Protect the house’ (Daily Orange)

With Syracuse man-down for the second time in just more than two minutes, ball movement had sucked Syracuse’s defense up. Mellen had rotated up from his spot in the bottom right of the zone, leaving attack Brian Willetts alone on the crease. When the pass zipped down to Willetts, Mellen took off. The redshirt sophomore launched himself at Willets, forcing the attack inside the crease. Again, SU protected its house.

Craig Forth continues lifelong desire to include and educate as school principal (Daily Orange)

Forth said he usually takes a sports angle with kids because it will help them relate. He recently had a conversation with a student who had lashed out at a bothersome classmate. The situation, Forth explained, was not unlike a low-post battle where a defender is constantly fouling with no whistles and the retaliator is the one who picks up a foul.

How to Pay College Athletes Without Ruining NCAA Sports (New York Magazine)

1. Lift the NBA one-and-done rule. Disproportionate attention has focused on the relatively small number of basketball players who are forced into college for a year, and have no intention of graduating, or using their education for any purpose other than maintaining technical eligibility. Most of the rage at this absurd state of affairs has focused on the NCAA.

Darius Bazley may be first of many young stars to opt for the G League over college (The Athletic)

It is ironic, or maybe poetic, that Bazley’s decision came during March Madness, the annual extravaganza that puts millions of dollars in the NCAA coffers, not to mention triggering the various bonuses that many coaches earn for getting their teams to different stages of the tournament. In 2010, CBS and the Turner networks agreed to pay the NCAA $10.8 billion for the rights to broadcast the tourney through 2032.

Healthier and heavier, Syracuse football’s Josh Black ready to play defensive tackle (

‘Getting to Us’ Review: The Saints of the Sidelines (The Wall Street Journal)

Thunder’s need for Jerami Grant evident in his growth in OKC (NewsOK)

How winning the 2018 national title could affect the perception of John Beilein or Jay Wright (The Comeback)