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The 2018 EDSBS Charity Bowl should be flooded with $27.24 donations

Don’t know about the EDSBS Charity Bowl? Let me tell you about it, and how it helps us continue to troll Clemson.

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Clemson v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

If you’re new around these TNIAAM parts, our community is really, REALLY good at stepping up to the plate to help increase the footprint of the Otto-man Empire around the world. In all seriousness, #CuseTixForKids was one of the most amazing moments in this blog’s history, and as a student-athlete who got to see the ‘Cuse section in the Texas Bowl, I made damn sure Sean knew I shed a tear of happiness down on the field.

So I suggest that we, as a TNIAAM family, participate in the Every Day Should Be Saturday Charity Bowl. If you’ve never stopped over to EDSBS or listened to the Shuttdown Fullcast, the Charity Bowl is an annual charity drive for New American Pathways, an organization that helps assist refugees in Clarkson, Ga. settle into life in the U.S. coming from absolutely terrible (in many cases, life-threatening) situations. The folks at EDSBS turn this into a full-on competition (that Michigan always wins), and while we’ve done well in the past, we’ve yet to come all that close to being the top fundraiser.

The process is simple: make a donation, pick a school, write some smack talk. Really easy!

So what are the best donations for ‘Cuse to represent? Here are my top five:

5) $20.03, and if you need this explained to you, I have nothing to offer.

4) $19.59, since this is largely a football-related competition, after all.

3) $31.17, for the birth of the Dino Babers Epic Speech era at Syracuse.

2) $44.44, because duh.

1) $27.24, if not for the fact that it’s one of the biggest wins in recent program history, it continues to annoy Clemson fans, and there is nothing more reflective of the Charity Bowl than absolute pettiness negated by doing some good for someone else.

Again, Donate Here to the EDSBS Charity Bowl, even if Michigan wins the whole thing again.