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Syracuse fan’s guide to Brooklyn, from your ‘hipster-in-chief’

The ACC Tournament returns to Brooklyn, so we give you some things to do in the area.

Anaheim Ducks v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

WELCOME TO MY HOUSE. Well, borough/neighborhood! I’ve lived in the Fort Green/Clinton Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn now for two years, and if the Syracuse Orange would win an ACC Tournament game, it would be great to see my Orange friends invade my neck of NYC’s woods. But whether SU wins or not, I worked with John to create a quick guide of the area with some of the better things to do around here.

(Just a warning, as a Brooklyner, I’m down to walk or train just about anywhere. I’ll order these based on proximity to Barclays Center to be safe, but Uber/Lyft are so good in the city, everything’s relatively close.)

Places to Drink

  • Threes Brewing is a short walk away from Barclays Center and the best spot to grab a drink in the area. (My humble opinion, of course.) They’ve got some out there stuff that all goes down smooth and is difficult to find outside of the region. They also have a rotation kitchen, so you can grab some local food too.
  • Other Half Brewing: Obligatory mention of #juice #haze and all of the things neckbeards love about what is arguably New York’s most hyped brewery amongst beer nerds. The beers are great, but there will be lines on the weekend (and other times as well). You can find Other Half on tap around Brooklyn and the rest of the city as well.
  • Folksbier Brauerei: The Carroll Gardens spot is a hidden gem, and well worth the visit for its more traditional and “old fashioned” (self-proclaimed on their part) approach to brewing. Folksbier’s selections are simple and clean, and you’re basically obligated to try whatever Glow Up Beriner Weisse variation is on when you. You won’t regret it.
  • Mission Dolores: The indoor-outdoor space is a quick jaunt from Barclays, and inside you’ll find a plethora of beer and games to entertain you. Most of the brews are from New York, though they do branch out a bit too here and there. Still a laid-back spot to imbibe, and it’s family-friendly, for those not arriving solo.
  • Berg’n: Head Southeast from Barclays into Prospect Heights, and you’ll run into this large beer hall with an impressive selection from some of New York and the greater Northeast’s best breweries. Games here too, for those looking for other things to occupy them beyond just beer and TVs. Plus food vendors are there too, if you’re looking for some grub to hold you over (or end your night with).
  • Brooklyn Brewery has become a staple for many tourists, and while it’s definitely a cab/train ride away, the $5 pints are worth the trek. They have special seasonal beers usually only available in the tasting room. There’s also a CNY local bartender there with a 315 tattoo who works weekends there, so wear your ‘Cuse gear and make a new friend!
  • Cardiff Giant is a bit further away from everything else listed here, but is an awesome place for the name and the fact that they only serve New York state beer, wine and liquor. There are no TVs, so it’s definitely a little more intimate that your typical pub, but is a great spot if you’re looking to actually catch up with someone.

Places to Eat

  • Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Brooklyn is the official spot for the Alumni Association pre-game/post-game for Orange fans, who should be familiar with the joint. If you’re a non-CNY local, it’s a spacious place with great food and a pretty large bar for Brooklyn. I’m biased, but it’s pretty awesome.
  • Chuko Ramen is a hot local ramen place that typically has long lines, but the wait is worth the food. It’s the best Ramen I’ve had and can be customized based off any kind of diet/comfort you may have. There are plenty of decent bars right around it, so if you end up with an hour wait, just grab a drink at one of them.
  • Pequena Fort Greene is an awesome Mexican place that’s quintessential Brooklyn. They have boozy brunch on the weekends and do margarita pitchers every other time of the day. It’s my go-to Mexican place in the neighborhood and worth a stop if you want some non-bar food.
  • Ample Hills Creamery is a great ice cream place with two locations, both within walking distance of Barclays. They have some of the craziest flavors you’ll ever try, but solid staples for those who are less adventurous.
  • Pasty’s: Obviously you’ll find quite a few pizza spots nearby, but Patsy’s is close and excellent. A plain cheese pie is an easy pick, but you can usually judge a good pizza spot by how well it executes on the most basic of styles. This one delivers.
  • Sun in Bloom: Trying to eat on the “healthier” end of things? At Sun in Bloom, you’ll be getting raw, gluten-free, vegan fare that stands out versus the numerous cheese- and sauce-covered options nearby. This one probably plays to a limited audience here, but there are a few of you looking for something on this end of the spectrum.
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Other Brooklyn-y Things

  • If the weather stays relatively pleasant (unlikely), take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge/Brooklyn Bridge Park. It’s touristy, yes, but definitely worth it just for the views.
  • On the subject of views, the best view of the city from Brooklyn is on the Brooklyn Promenade, which also walks you through one of the nicest neighborhoods in the five boroughs.
  • There are two parks within walking distance of Barclays: Fort Greene park is a smaller park that has a Saturday AM Farmer’s Market (duh), and the much bigger and much more well known Prospect Park also has a Saturday Farmer’s Market! They’re both nice if you’re craving the sight of grass while here.
  • Right near Prospect Park is the Brooklyn Museum, a pretty cool place with tons of specials for those who work in non profits or for schools/Universities.
  • While technically not Brooklyn, if you’re in town and can’t make Tuesday’s game, SU is hosting a get together at Houston Hall starting at 6 p.m. through the end of the game. $20 for all you can eat and drink, plus a chance to win signed ‘Cuse gear. Here’s a rundown of SU alumni events all week, for those interested.