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Syracuse athletics hiring a new #BRAND person

So maybe our gear will improve?

NCAA Basketball: St. John at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange #BRAND is a constant topic of conversation around here, as it can be for many DI athletic programs.

We’ve long bemoaned things like the lack of orange in our uniforms at times, and the dreaded appearance of PLATINUM. Like most SU fans, we’re proponents of the Syracuse script returning in some capacity. And of course, we’ll support happy Otto on most things.

There’s nothing necessarily “wrong” with the current Syracuse #BRAND. The block ‘S’ works just fine, and as long as the uniforms are predominantly orange, I’m fine with them. But where things do fall short is in terms of the gear fans can purchase, and the variety — or lack thereof -- of options for shirts, hats, etc.

Well, the University may realize that part of the #BRAND needs a bit of a makeover, because they’re hiring a new #BRAND person.

The “Director of Trademark Licensing” description:

“The Director will be responsible for maximizing revenue generated for licensed products for retail, marketing, student engagement and special projects; collaborating with Office of Athletic Compliance in determining protection of University interests in relation to NCAA and Syracuse University Athletic Compliance policies in relation to licensing; maintaining affiliation with the Workers’ Rights Consortium (WRC) and Fair Labor Association (FLA); and disseminating information to campus community and alumni groups concerning Trademark Licensing policies.”

Of those words, the ones you’re really focused in on are probably MAXIMIZING REVENUE.

If you look around the current Syracuse gear landscape, you’ll find some cool items here and there, but the options are a bit plain. There are minimal options in terms of retro/throwback gear, but you can find some winners if you look hard enough. We used to have a deal with Homage and that yielded some cool merch. Please someone tell me why we haven’t already put Jim Boeheim’s face on socks, though...

Nearly every DI college I’ve visited over the years (I’ve visited quite a few) has better fan merchandise than we do, and a lot of that goes back to this sort of role. Syracuse is a school and an athletic program, not a t-shirt company. Even if they have good ideas internally, they need partners approved to use the trademarks in order to make the items. This new #BRAND person would help us get more of those sorts of relationships in place.

I’d personally volunteer for this gig, but don’t have a master’s degree (preferred for the role) and would not be relocating from the sun of Southern California to the frigid winters of CNY once again. But maybe one of you intrepid souls have the #BRAND know-how to get us all the novelty socks and Otto t-shirts we could ever want? If you do, I promise to say nice things on the blog.

(also, if we want to start making more general university gear with the “Sherman” font, you’d have my support)