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TNIAAM Bracket Challenge Update: You’re rooting for Loyola-Chicago

Did a single one of you have the Rambleres in the Final Four?

NCAA Basketball: Loyola University Celebration Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you probably check out of the NCAA Tournament once the Syracuse Orange are eliminated. Since we didn’t have incredibly high hopes for this year’s team to make it to the Final Four, though, you’d be forgiven for picking others to make it instead. So one could assume a few more SU fans than normal are still paying attention as we reach the sport’s final weekend without the Orange.

This year’s Final Four was predictable and surprising all at once. On the right side of the bracket: two 1-seeds (Kansas and Villanova). On the other? A hip “surprise” pick in Big Ten champ Michigan, and... Loyola-Chicago?

Yes, the Ramblers crashed college basketball’s biggest party and likely blew up a bunch of brackets on the way, too.

Did that include yours? Here’s how our TNIAAM bracket challenge is looking with just three games to play:

1. Magelly: 780 points (Champ: Virginia)

2. Djpearso: 760 points (Champ: Villanova)

3. Garry4re: 740 points (Champ: Villanova)

T-4. NYMetsFan1226: 730 points (Champ: Villanova)

T-4. FarEastCuse: 730 points (Champ: Gonzaga)

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-East Regional-Villanova vs Texas Tech Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Magelly stays on top compared to last week’s count, however there’s only 160 points left on the board for them with UVA out long ago. Second-place Djpearso picked Villanova and has 480 points left on the board. But Gary4re is in the best position, just 40 points out of first and with 640 points left out there (tied for most in the bracket).

There’s still another option for who could win, however, if the Jayhawks take the championship. Teamwhodey1977 is tied for 16th with 660 points, but picked KU and still has 480 points left.

Yours truly was a #disloyalidiot that picked Duke, so my bracket is done now with Villanova in but I had them losing this next game. I’ll take the fact that I didn’t finish last this time around.

Want to brag about your own bracket? Or bemoan the way things broke? Go ahead below.