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Syracuse’s Sweet 16 hype video probably has you running through a brick wall

Orange video team is at it again.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Midwest Regional Practice Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You don’t need anyone reminding you that the Syracuse Orange take on the Duke Blue Devils in the Sweet 16 on Friday night. And yet, SU’s excellent video team is still happy to inform you of this fact with this amazing hype video.

No matter how you feel about #CuseMode (Ed. Note: stop trying to make #CuseMode happen...), the rest of the sentiment should sound familiar to observers over the last couple weeks. They didn’t want us in. They didn’t want us to win. We ruined the damn NCAA Tournament. Again.

We saw this all play out from a fan perspective, but this video puts it all in the perspective of the players on this scrappy, exhausted Syracuse squad. They heard the detractors as the selection show started. Frank Howard grabs the “no one believes in us” baton right away, before SU even tips off against Arizona State.

For all the rhetoric that they can’t (and they do hear it), they don’t really seem to care. That’s liberating in a lot of ways. It’s something we’ve adopted, but obviously we’re not the guys on the court.

Hopefully this has you properly amped for what should be a tough game tonight. Elite Eight is potentially just 40 minutes of basketball away.