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Syracuse Apology Tour 2: The Playlist

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round- Michigan State Spartans vs Syracuse Orange Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

While you are waiting for the Syracuse Orange to tip-off on Friday night, what better way to prepare then by ordering your new Orange shirt and listening to the official Apology Tour 2 playlist?

In case you were wondering why I included each song, just keep scrolling.

All Apologies (acoustic version):

We’ve got some time before Friday so we need to keep things mellow right now and no better way to start out by first continuing to be sorry for the wrongs we’ve inflicted on college basketball.

Sorry Not Sorry:

You know many of you want to tweet a short video of you singing the line “Hey Dougie we’re sorry, we’re not sorry. Being so bad got us feeling so good. Proving you wrong like we that we would.”


We need to go back to 1996 when John Wallace and the crew remixed this song into the theme “When the Cuse is in the House (Oh My God!)”. Good vibes anytime you can watch Al McGuire get funky with it.

God’s Plan

#TorontoSCollegeTeam has to have a track from the 6 God and we’re going with God’s Plan here for these lines

“Bad things It’s a lot of bad things That they wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ and wishin’ They wishin’ on me”

Seems familiar doesn’t it?

Danger Zone

We know that the Duke Blue Devils play the zone now. These two conference mates are on a collision course and you’ve got to decide- Are you rolling with Maverick Marek or Iceman Grayson?

No Flex Zone

Keeping with the zone because the refain “They know no better” is perfect for the media members who keep crying about the Orange’s boring defense

The Comfort Zone

When a member of the Orange family has a song with Zone in the title, it’s an automatic add to playlist. Like Vanessa says, if it feels right you don’t have to go and well Syracuse playing basketball in March feels right.

The Middle

A country singer matching with a DJ seems like an unlikely pair. Kind of like two big men playing injured yet still holding their own with top opponents as Paschal Chukwu and Bourama Sidibe are doing. Instead of worrying about these things came together and worked don’t question it. It’s not worth losing your mind just a little, it really isn’t.


Yes, you’ve been Counting all the bad puns for a couple of days now. It’s ok because we know it’s the heart that matters more and if you don’t appreciate this post you can turn your ticket in and get your money back at the door.

Remember the Name

To close this out we take you back to 2006 and Madison Square Garden where Gerry McNamara would not let the Orange die.....something the current Orange are showing themselves. If any of you forgot the formula it was

10% luck +

20% skill +

15% concentrated power of will +

5% pleasure +

50% pain =

100% reason to remember the name

Spoiler Alert Syracuse beat those Hoyas in MSG that night in 2006.... just in case you forgot.

Add your suggestions below as we get ourselves ready for Friday night

(Ed. Note: How is Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” not on here?)