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Apparently Omaha has beef with Syracuse

Omaha tries to dethrone Greensboro and Clemson as the kings (and queens) of #DISRESPECK.

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round- Michigan State Spartans vs Syracuse Orange Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

As Syracuse Orange fans, we’re happy to call out disrespect, especially during the NCAA Tournament. But once in awhile, we also find rivals in this activity.

Greensboro tried its hand at it last year, before proving once and for all they had no value. And Clemson rode the #DISRESPECK train for years before the Orange violated the terms of our agreement and beat them on the football field.

Now, a new challenger arrives in the form of our regional hosts, Omaha, Nebraska.

Apparently someone mentioned the area being all “flat and farms” in the locker room and now they’re VERY hot and bothered. Please let us win two more games, just so Jim Boeheim can reference this faux-controversy in his post-game comments after cutting down the nets...

Syracuse’s ‘flat and farms’ comment didn’t sit well with people in Nebraska (Kansas City Star)

“So yeah, Nebraska’s a little flat. It has its fair share of farms. But man, look who’s calling the kettle black. Or the orange orange. ”Just take note of this, small-timers. When you park your bus for the big game in the big city on Friday night, this isn’t little Syracuse (population 143,378).

If you don’t like Syracuse’s style, don’t watch. But you’re missing something sweet. (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

More heart and hustle than talent and depth, and it has paid off because of Syracuse’s great equalizer, its rope-a-dope zone. The Orange drag opponents down with them, lure them into thinking they have to shoot 3-pointers to beat the zone. Opposing players hear that so much it’s in their head. They deny it. Results say otherwise.

Syracuse’s star is living up to his name -- because he has to (New York Post)

“Man, I’m just glad I finally made one when I had to,” Battle said in a jubilant Orange locker room following the 55-53 win. “I was missing a lot of jump shots the entire game. You can’t lose confidence in situations like that. People miss shots, but if you stop shooting the ball, that proves you lost confidence. When I went into that move, I took that with supreme confidence.”

Coach K knows what Duke needs to do to beat Syracuse’s 2-3 zone defense (Washington Post)

Rather than settling for deep shots and shooting over the zone, since the 2013-14 season, Krzyzewski has had his team spend more time creating lanes to the basket each and every year against Syracuse’s zone. The team cut to the basket on more than a third of possessions when these two squads met in February. The three teams losing to Syracuse in the 2018 NCAA tournament collectively cut to the basket just 22 percent of the time.

Syracuse football LB Zaire Franklin’s Pro Day numbers rival NFL Combine’s best (

Zaire Franklin churned out more bench press repetitions (30) at Syracuse football’s Pro Day than any linebacker at the NFL Scouting Combine. His 40-yard dash time (4.58 seconds) would’ve slotted him fifth and his vertical jump (38 inches) would’ve tied for sixth. ”I should’ve got the invite, I guess,” Franklin said before chuckling.

Need a new team to root for? We got you (ESPN)

No one saw the Orange coming. Sure, a win over fellow last-four-in team Arizona State was possible, and TCU wasn’t exactly a huge threat to the 2-3 zone, but Michigan State? Nah, we missed that like bitcoin. Maybe we should have seen it with Hall of Fame coach Jim Boeheim still there. Too bad the losing record in ACC play clouded our vision.

During Syracuse basketball’s best moment, Frank Howard briefly had worst moment (

Blame Tom Izzo for Michigan State loss; consider high standard set (Detroit Free-Press)

Local advocate wins Syracuse University award for social justice (Daily Orange)

When judging Virginia’s Tony Bennett, look at the full body of work — not just 40 minutes (The Athletic)

Jim Boeheim joining Doug Gottlieb Show today (Fox Sports Radio)