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Own a shirt that tells everyone how sorry we are... again

Our bad, America.

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We never learn our lesson, do we?

Two years after being sorry to all of America, we’re at it again. We ruined their tournament. Upset the pundits. Knocked more deserving teams and their fan bases out of championship contention. Played an ugly style of basketball that can’t be “enjoyed” for one reason or another.

And then, after all of that, we went and did it all again. Damn us.

This is clearly a mark of shame for the fan base, that we just can’t follow the rules. But while we’re here, you might as well buy a shirt, to tell everyone just how much we don’t know how to listen. Plus, how we’re just going to do this all over again.

When you want to make something bigger and better than the original work, you make a sequel. And when you want to improve on an original apology, you APOLOGIZE HARDER.

So no matter how this coming week ends, the overwhelming takeaway should be that we’re sorry. We’re so sorry we want to APOLOGIZE HARDER. If you want to apologize harder too, well, this is the shirt you can buy and apologize harder with.