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People are mad that Syracuse made the NCAA Tournament

Of course they are!

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-California vs Hawaii Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Many were at least a little surprised to see the Syracuse Orange selected for the NCAA Tournament on Sunday. That includes some of us, though we reacted with joy around that fact. Same goes for the Orange themselves, who were pretty thrilled to see the news.

That can’t be said for many media folk around the country, however, who were very irate to SU’s inclusion. Some of them even took to revisionist narratives about Syracuse “always” getting breaks, despite the Orange being the first team out just one year ago.

Below are some of the best negative reactions to Syracuse making it. Without much depth or health, this team made the NCAAs and that’s a pretty cool story... for anyone except us, apparently. Even if we lose in game one to Arizona State, this year’s already a success.

We lead off with top Orange nemesis Doug Gottlieb, who brought some extra salt this year since his alma mater Oklahoma State was on the outside looking in.

Miami was the third seed in the ACC Tournament, by the way...

Next up was Brad Evans, who you might remember from the time Mike Waters dunked on him for an hour on Twitter. He was not happy either.

Matt Norlander’s not an outward Orange agitator, as much as a simple non-believer. Can also spell.

Joe Ovies, who was throwing heat Syracuse’s (and New York’s) way in Brooklyn this week, kept at it today when North Carolina-area radio favorite Notre Dame was left out in favor of the less “darling” Orange.

This was just on-#BRAND, so I respect it.

Some media members just had polite gripe.

The revisionist history department, as mentioned earlier, lives in a world where Syracuse is simply included in the field each year regardless of merit. Rather than the reality of the situation, in which we not only missed out last season, but in 2007 most recently, by the slimmest of margins.

The one where we ignore the strength of individual conferences and all other metrics like RPI, SOS et al just to cater to where you finish in your league.

Hopefully, yes.


Things like this are far from the most important part of making the NCAA Tournament. But it is fun to watch everyone get completely annoyed with Syracuse at all times. Hopefully we’ll be able to repay the favor with another Apology Tour. Even if not, though, this team surpassed all expectation already. And for that, we’re (or at least I am) thankful.