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Join the 2018 TNIAAM NCAA Tournament bracket challenge

Now you have two reasons to want to watch March Madness this year.

Syracuse v Virginia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange made the NCAA Tournament! And while our main concern is rooting for them to win the whole thing, there’s also pretty slim likelihood of that happening. So we need something else to pay attention to for however many rounds of this thing don’t involve SU.

This is where TNIAAM’s bracket challenge comes in handy.

There are no “prizes” this time around, but you’ll get some bragging rights for beating your fellow Orange fans at picking the results of America’s favorite crapshoot postseason. If you don’t recall last year’s results, that’s fine. I barely do either, other than the fact that I finished dead last after filling out my worst bracket in 20 years of doing this. I don’t plan on that happening again.

If you’re interested in joining us for this entertaining next few weeks (especially if Syracuse sticks around), here’s the info you’ll need (on ESPN):

Group name: TNIAAM Brack-tacular 2018

Password: disloyalidiots

That should be it. Get your bracket in before Thursday’s games start. I’ll be tossing updates in after each round.