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National Signing Day 2018: DE Caleb Okechukwu signs with Syracuse

The evolved form of Chukwu, obviously...

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Syracuse Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange will be adding new football recruits throughout National Signing Day. As each player signs, we’ll be posting profiles here on TNIAAM. Next up? A D.C. standout who addresses a HUGE need for SU.

Twitterfeed: @IAmCaleb_18

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Previous School: St. John’s College

Position: Defensive end

Stats: 6’4”, 240 pounds

Ratings: Three stars! Three stars everywhere!

Other Offers: Arkansas, Arizona, Tennessee, UMass... maybe Texas, depending on who you ask about how commitable that offer was.

Dino’s projected nickname: “We’ve got a GOOD feeling about this Chuwie...”


Player outlook: We need some help on the edge, obviously. And Okechukwu fits that bill. He’s fast and powerful, with versatility to play at outside linebacker or defensive end. We seem to have those positions filled for right now, but with plenty up in the air for this defense, nothing is guaranteed for the names on that depth chart for 2019 and beyond.

Beyond Okechukwu’s potential to be an impressive pass-rusher for Syracuse (we haven’t truly had one since Ron Thompson), there’s also the potential for him to grow the D.C. pipeline we’ve seemingly established during this recruiting cycle.