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Jim Boeheim’s jacket speaks again

An eventful Sunday for the coat brings it back to the podium.

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Syracuse
So I was telling Nolte that I would have done that press conference scene differently
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Back in January, TNIAAM was able to score an exclusive interview with the jacket of Syracuse Orange Head Coach Jim Boeheim. We learned that the jacket was shocked to be tossed for the first time ever but after Syracuse used the moment to shut down the Pittsburgh Panthers it was all well and good. No one could have foreseen that this might be a situation we’d see again so soon, but in the second half of yesterday’s game with the Wake Forest Demon Deacons...

We’d be poor journalists if we didn’t follow up with Boeheim’s jacket after another eventful afternoon and thankfully it was once again gracious enough to answer a few of our pressing questions.

TNIAAM: Thanks again for speaking with us. So let’s start with the obvious- were you as surprised as we were to see you tossed again?

Jim Boeheim’s Jacket: Look I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked. Things were going along so well too. The ball was moving around, players were looking for the open man, I thought this would be a pretty happy Sunday afternoon. It’s been a tough week trying to get over the Super Bowl... you could probably blame Nick Foles for some of the frustration you saw yesterday.

TNIAAM: The last time you were tossed, the defense locked in. That didn’t happen today so do you think there’s something you could have done better?

JBJ: Other than making sure the game was against Pitt again, not really. I mean have you watched those guys play? If you want to feel sorry for someone’s sport coat, it has to be Kevin Stallings’. That guy’s as good as fired.

TNIAAM: What about the rumors that Jim Boeheim’s sick of all the love Mike Hopkins is getting for the job he’s doing leading the Washington Huskies? Is Jim trying to emulate his look here?

JBJ: I thought you guys were the #jokesandgarbage website and not the #awfulmessageboard rumors one?

TNIAAM: Well it’s something that people are wondering and we are the voice of the people... so do you care to address this?

JBJ: Mike’s coats and I go pretty far back. I’m happy they are getting a chance to shine out West, but let’s not grasp at loose threads here, okay?

TNIAAM: Fair enough. Getting back to Syracuse, the Orange clinched yet another winning season but still has work to do to secure a NCAA Tournament bid. How do you think you can help the team down the stretch?

JBJ: I’m always ready for whatever the team needs from me. If that means I’m going to go hurtling down towards Ky Feldman’s head after an opponent hits another open 3, well then I’m not going to wrinkle my sleeves over it. All of us want to be dancing again in March and we’ve all got to dress the part.

We had to sew up our interview there as the jacket was scheduled for the ACC Teleconference. Syracuse is now 2-0 during jacket toss games this season and if there’s one thing we know about Jim Boeheim is that he’s a creature of habit. Could he make #jackettoss a thing in 2018? Don’t worry, the staff here at TNIAAM is sure to keep you abreast of any further developments.