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Another eventful evening for Jim Boeheim’s jacket

Are we seeing a pattern already?

NCAA Basketball: Colgate at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

It was supposed to be a quiet Saturday night for the Syracuse Orange. All of the focus was on the “Battle of the Boeheims” with little though given to a Cornell Big Red victory. Matt Morgan had different ideas and his 3-point shooting led to the 2nd Jim Boeheim jacket toss of the season.

Last year we were able to land interviews with the jacket after both games it was tossed aside, but that was when the Orange were into ACC play. Already this year the jacket’s been thrown against both Cornell and the Colgate Raiders and we had to get inside the lining to sew up this story.

TNIAAM: Thanks for taking time again to speak with us. First thing we’ve got to ask is how you’re feeling because that toss on Saturday night had some heat behind it.

Jim Boeheim’s Jacket: “Appreciate the concern. I was definitely a little sore on Monday morning after my lapels hit the concrete. As I was hurtling towards the ground I was hoping Pascal Chukwu would stick one of those giant hands out there to grab me.“

TNIAAM: Last year you got tossed during two ACC games. This year, you’ve been tossed during two CNY games. How are you preparing for the rest of the season?

JBJ: “Well you know Jim’s been a big advocate of pilates and I’ve taken some steps to increase my elasticity as well. Frankly a part of me thinks he’s throwing me to show off the benefits of those workouts.”

TNIAAM: Can you elaborate?

JBJ: “Sure. I did some online research and discovered this new technique used by London tailors. I can’t tell you all the details, but it’s definitely improved my flexibility and a stronger core saved me from more damage on Saturday night. It’s a long season and expectations are high so I need to be ready when called upon.”

TNIAAM: Speaking of that, you provided an immediate lift to the team but unlike the Colgate game it wasn’t sustained. Why do you think so?

JBJ: “Well did you watch the game? After I hit the Dome floor we scored the final six points and then during the halftime break Ryan Cabiles and Brad Pike got me prepped to go back out there. Once Jim put me back on my impact was restricted. I went back and watched the film and it’s clear what was working so I had Todd Blumen cut some clips for Jim to watch.

We’ve got big games coming up against the Northeastern Huskies Georgetown Hoyas and Buffalo Bulls so preparation is important and Jim has to be committed once he goes to the jacket toss. I’ve been rolling up my sleeves so the defense is stitched up tight moving forward.”

NCAA Basketball: Colgate at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

TNIAAM: Those are some terrible clothing puns. How about leaving the #jokesandgarbage to the professionals?

JBJ: “Fine. When you guys hire one of those I’ll stay in my lane over here. Until then I’d suggest you button up and not get your nose wrinkled over it.”

TNIAAM: Alright. We can take a hint. Thanks for your time and good luck.

We thank Jim Boeheim’s Jacket for the time once again and we’ll see if his preparation will pay off for the Orange.