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Need some orange for Orlando? Limited TNIAAM shirts for sale

It’s warm in Orlando so pack away the hoodie and snag one of these beauts.

When we attempted to host a Nunesmagician Live Show, we ordered t-shirts. Due to some less-than-amazing audio and on-the-court results, we ended up with leftover t-shirts and beer koozies!

They’re orange (awesome) and would work great at a tailgate or warm Orlando game we’ve got later this month. Oh, and great holiday gifts for those wackos on your list that read this site and want to tell other people as much in shirt form.

Here’s how we’re going to do it: Want a shirt? Email with your shirt quantity and sizes. If we can supply the order (sizes are very limited in the smalls and XLs), then I’ll email back with a final cost for shipping. You can then pay myself or John with your preferred digital money transfer. (Venmo preferred, Apple Pay, Zelle also accepted!)

T-Shirts: $20
Koozies: $4
2 Shirt-2 Koozie Combo: $44 (duhhhhhh)

So what are you waiting for? Order your shirts and koozies today!