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#FakeNunes previews the Syracuse Orange vs West Virginia Mountaineers

Bowl game means more #FakeNunes

New Era Pinstripe Bowl - West Virginia v Syracuse Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Oh you thought the #FakeNunes previews were done. You know we had to bring this out for the Camping World Bowl. All the #jokesandgarbage you need to get ready for this week’s Syracuse Orange bowl game.

Opponent: West Virginia Mountaineers

Location: Morgantown, West Virginia

Students: 31,442 students

The 2018 Fake Nunes Statistical Index (#FNSI)

We’ve come up with some new categories this year because if we’ve learned anything from the NCAA this summer it’s to create a metric you own the rights to and no one knows how you calculate the formulas.


Syracuse has kept things relatively close to their traditional color scheme this season. Based on this tweet it looks like the blue jerseys and orange pants (most likely paired with the orange helmet),

With the Orange in dark jerseys, WVU will wear white and they might be going with an All-White look in Orlando on Friday night.

Advantage: Syracuse

NCAA Football Playability:

He’s not playing on Friday night but the Will Grier experience would have been a lot of fun to control in NCAA. You could have annoyed all your friends by having him throw to David Sills twenty times a game.

Advantage: West Virginia

Football Program Hashtag:

#OITNF vs #HailWV

It’s probably time to retire Orange is the New Fast but it’s still better than having a hashtag that a bunch of other programs use.

Advantage: Syracuse

Pop Culture Alum: Each week we’ll compare alums who are relevant in pop culture

Floyd Benjamin Schwartzwalder vs Ben Schwartzwalder

Our final comparison of the 2018 season is also our most challenging. What do you do with this one and if you’re asking what this has to do with pop culture then I’d suggest watching a little film called “The Express”. When you dig into the numbers it’s not that difficult at all. At WVU Ben was a 148-lb starting center. At Syracuse Ben was a Hall of Fame Head Coach who led the Orange to a National Title.


Advantage: Syracuse

Overly Optimistic SU Fan Prediction from @MrSUFootball

We’re tired of all your #honoryourcontract and #disloyalidiot comments so each week the most optimistic Syracuse Football fan we know gives you his predictions. You’ve spent the last month waiting for Santa and worrying about the Orange men’s basketball offense but MrSU Football’s been counting the minutes to this game. Current Prediction Record (9-3)

Syracuse 58 WVU 18

Here is my final four downs of reasoning for the 2018 season.

1) Eric’s last stand: my goodness I’ve been listening to Lifehouse’s greatest hits all week reflecting on Eric’s career and hopefully envisioning him lifting the Camping World title game trophy in Orange. Would be an emotional moment that I know will happen. I’m not going to list all the seniors, but guys like Chris Slayton, Cody Conway and such deserve the same amount of praise for staying determined and working their buns off and helping get this program back on track.

2) Full roster (sort of): it’s nice to have everyone at Babers’ disposal and ready to go show the country that we will be in the playoff next year. It’s a great table setter for next season under the flood primetime lights of Orlando. We maybe even get to see Adams and Jackson which should make it even more exciting. It’s a bummer that we won’t have Robinson or Wiliiams but with them both juniors hopefully they get it together and it motivates them for what could be an even more special year on that d line in 2019.

3) Gameplay: Dino seems to think this may be lower scoring then we think. Wvu system is kind of like ours in a way where you can plug in new players and do a pretty decent job of scoring points. They rolling with 2 QBs which I think will help us pick 6 them a few times with the dynamic secondary and that will be the difference.

4) Y’all: thanks for believing in this blog post, what started as a dream before Western Michigan has blossomed into a special season that I think has pulled back in some of the fan base that checked out and validated the believers that never stopped and always knew this day was coming. Savor every moment Friday during the bowl game and smile nnowing this program is going to have a very talented team next year also. With a Babers extension Syracuse Football will continue its rise to the throne of college football. Now let’s go out and get that Camping World Bowl title and just remember spring football isn’t that far away (wipes away happy tears)

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Ramsey tells us about the opponents’ QB

If you thought Jalen would keep his opinions to NFL QBs, we’re happy to announce that we got him to speak about SU’s 2018 opponents.

“Smart of Will Grier to sit out this game. He’ll want to be rested for next December when he’s in the NFL finishing up someone’s 6-10 season in Week 17.”

Victory Cigar Meter

4/10 Holgorsen’s had his name thrown around for jobs within the same conference and like Babers I think he knows he’s in a good place, but he wants his bosses to do more. If WVU wins I don’t think he’s gloating other than probably bringing up something about The Schwartzwalder Trophy.

Babers Viral Post-Game Locker Room Speech Meter

9.5/10 His first bowl game as Head Coach of the Orange combined with the final game for a group of seniors who dragged this program from the swamp should give us something stirring from Babers. He knows that the bowl games are getting a lot of ESPN coverage and what better way to sell the program.


Both teams are missing key players and the weather forecast means it might come down to the team who runs the ball best. In that case we’ll take the Orange as nothing says Eric Dungey like finishing his final game with a mud-soaked uniform marked with the end zone point as he runs for touchdown after touchdown.